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Top 3 Makeup Brushes Worth The Hype

There are obvious top contenders in the makeup brush world with every makeup artist and blogger using them and raving about them. These brushes become a holy grail and price's rise making them expensive yet even more covetable. If you're a beauty lover and take pride in your tools and products and want to get the most and best out of them, sometimes it's the hyped and pricier tools that end up being better and even more so when these tools actually live up to their hype.

EcoTools, Real Techniques and Sigma definitely do that and for me are the brushes I keep stocked in my beauty arsenal. While each have their own price ranges and are quite pricey compared to equally as good cheaper drug store options, they have a quality that will last and outshine and make your makeup routine all the better. 
Having good quality brushes not only means you'll have them around for longer but also helps keep your makeup intact, your skin feeling better and helps to apply product better. A good brush will hold product allowing you to use less product and have it apply evenly on the face. Brushes that use high quality fibres are soft on the skin and won't scratch, pull and damage it and allow product application to be quicker, smoother and easier. 

EcoTools are cruelty free and made from eco friendly organic materials. The bristles are so soft on every brush and feel amazing on the skin whilst holding enough product to avoid having to use so much. Because they're so soft yet also dense they make makeup application even and are made so well that you don't have to worry about it breaking or fallout. No complaints, worth the hype.

Real Techniques are definitely one of the most hyped brushes. You won't see a beauty guru out there who doesn't use them or hasn't ever. Also cruelty free these brushes are made from synthetic fibres that are so soft and luxurious it's easy to mistake them for real hair. Each brush is packed densely allowing buildable coverage and making it easy to buff and blend. Each brush is packaged tightly in strong handles that feel sturdy to hold and make them long lasting. No complaints, worth the hype. 

Sigma, top of the line professional brushes that also just so happen to be quite pricey. Honestly, I would have never used a Sigma brush if it weren't for Luxola's promotion - they're actually quite pricey. But since I was given the opportunity to try them out I haven't been disappointed and it's become a favourite that I can't stop gushing about.
Sigma uses a mix of synthetic fibres for cruelty free "vegan" brushes and real animal hair for some of their more higher end brushes but are labelled as such so you know what you're getting. This brush is from their Copper Collection, individually the flat kabuki for their 5 Year Anniversary and is synthetic. These brushes are incredibly soft and packed in tight for better application. They look super luxe and feel that way with strong handles that are heavy and sturdy, the metal strong and secured tightly. No fallout of hair and remains soft after washing and will last.
While Sigma may be on the pricier side, it makes sense given that you're getting long lasting professional quality brushes. No complaints, worth the hype.

All photo's by Sheree Grace

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