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Versatile Wardrobe Staples

To build a wardrobe that adheres to your personal style or to build a style, the best way to start is with a few staple items that are versatile and can be worn all year long mixed and matched. It's a testimate that has been proclaimed by many a stylist, blogger and fashion business person. Building a wardrobe starting with staples is also the best way to ensure that you'll always have something to wear and get a good wear out of them. Staple's are the items that can be used to build a wardrobe around and build outfits and they can be worn with anything. They can also be the centre of your personal style. Everyone has their own version of what staple items are and should be, so here are mine.
A cropped pleather jacket. A croped biker jacket is not only feminine and will work great paired with anything allowing your natural silhouette to show through, but it's also great to add a little rock 'n' roll edge to your wardrobe. If it has zips and buckles adorning it, it will instantly grunge up any outfit and make it a little more edgy. - Romwe
A little black dress. This one is an obvious one, a giant "duh". A cute LBD is extremely versatile and not only works with anything you pair it with but also works into any personal style. It can be worked in right through from winter to summer and worn with any accessory and any shoe.

Pleather combat boots, small heeled ankle booties. Combat boots are not only versatile but super comfortable, very practical and bring a little grungy edge to any outfit. On the other side, having a pair of low heeled ankle booties in your wardrobe will instantly make an outfit more chic and dresses up a casual outfit. - London Rebel
A longish boxy coat. Perfect for winter or cold nights it's a stylish way to keep warm. Boxy coats tend to have a masculine appeal which can really toughen up a cute ensemble. A long length keeps you warm and when paired with a short skirt or dress and tights it can really pull an outfit together nicely. Or a fitted black coat makes an outfit more femme and can be fitted to suit your frame. - Valley Girl Exact here: X
A maxi skirt. Maxi's are great all year round, they provide extra material to keep warmer in winter and cover up a little more skin during summer. A skirt can be paired with anything so it can be worked into any wardrobe with any style paired with anything. Plus a black skirt gives off that witchy vibe that is instantly edgy paired with combat boots. 
A fedora. Fedoras were totally in during 2014 and I hope will stay that way. These are also perfect all year round and go with anything and everything. Wear it with a long black dress for a witch vibe or with a white blouse and skater skirt for a more prep look. - Cotton On

While my staples suit my personal style and have a little more of a grungesque appeal, each of these items can be tailored and matched to suit any style. 

All photo's by Sheree Grace

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