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Bambi + Dan Send A Message Of Love With Impulse. sponsored video

Bambi Northwood-Blyth was named one of the new faces of Impulse in august last year along with models Zippora Seven and Erin Heatherton to help bring the brand's carefree voice to light and has made her official debut in a new Valentines Day video and campaign all about love alongside her husband Dan Single.
The model and the Ksubi fashion designer were the first of the new faces to help relaunch the brand with this new campaign.

The video is all about expressing love in all the ways it can be with Bambi and Dan taking walks on the beach, jumping recklessly into the ocean and just being silly with one another. It highlights love being expressed not only between another half but with teammates or best friends and poses an important message that love doesn't only have to be expressed on V-Day but should be expressed every day. "Make everyday Valentines day". The video campaign that was released on the 14th is still being promoted now as a message of love to be extended past it's used by date. It's a fun, adorable, light-hearted little video that gets down to the essence of what Impulse is about, because what is love without a fun signature scent that will always take you back to that happy moment in time?

Impulse was once the "it" body spray for all us teenagers back in high school with their sweet scents in basic spray cans adorned in colours and patterns. Since then Impulse have gone from being a strictly teen brand to releasing scents that are more like perfumes in small cans for easy use with new more mature scents that can be used by anyone, designed with the help of renowned perfume specialist Ann Gottlieb. With new names that are the combination of sexy and sweet and strong scents that match the names the perfume sprays mix sweet and strong scents including woods and fruits. No longer body sprays they are now being offered as perfumes that can be carried on the go. 

This post was sponsored by Impulse however all words and thoughts are original and completely the work of Sheree Grace.  

Photo and video via Impulse. 


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