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Over-Hyped Lip Products And Why Your Lips Are Constantly Chapped

Dry, chapped lips are never fun, always painful, unattractive and take a lot of care to get them back into fighting shape. They are the downside to winter but even more so when it extends past that and into summer.
Our initial reaction to painful, flaky lips, is to do everything. Put on anything that will soothe and heal them no matter what it costs. We listen when others rave about certain products and fall into the hype, simply because we just want it to be better, we'll pick up anything with the words "balm" in it.
With the multitude of products out there that claim to help with just that problem, we can't help but fall into traps. We'll slather on almost anything and we really will slather it on. If you're doing just that and you still find your lips are dry and sore regardless, it could be the result of using products that contain ingredients that dry out the skin further making your problem worse. And it usually starts with products that are over-hyped and don't actually help at all. 

Lip balms and ointments aren't always as natural or healthy as they first seem, and while they do have good intentions, most of the time there is but one ingredient that ruins the entire thing.

Products that contain any type of mineral oil (including its other scientific names) are ones to stay away from when trying to heal broken lips. Mineral oil doesn't actually contain any kind of natural minerals, as the name suggests, but rather stems from harsh petroleum. This kind of oil is great to use in cosmetics because it's cheap. Not so great for the health of your skin, however. It creates a barrier on the area that it is applied to, and while it's there, it feels moisturising and great. But, once it sinks in, it goes right back to being dry and even worse than it was before. This barrier clogs and suffocates the pores, stops the skin from breathing and stops any natural oils from seeping through. Thus, not allowing the skin to maintain its own moisture. 
Products that contain any type of petroleum jelly or vaseline also do that and are, in fact, not so great to be using on lips you wish to heal. They create that nasty barrier of moisture illusion but doesn't actually allow that moisture to sink in. This is why, despite soaking your lips in balm, they continue to be dry and get worse. 

If your lips are horribly scaly, your best bet is to settle for something completely organic or derived from natural products that don't contain the two ingredients above. Over-hyped products that don't actually work include the famous Lucas' PaPaw Ointment which lists petroleum jelly in its ingredients. Despite everyone raving about how amazing this is for chapped lips, all this as ever done for me is, make my lips worse. If your lips are only slightly dry but not chapped, sore or flaky, this might work a little, but will not heal damaged lips.
Another is Maybelline's' Baby Lips which also won't help your problematic and sensitive skin, once it's past savour point. 

A wonderful alternative to these that actually does work is the wonderful, magical Lanolips. Not only is this product derived from natural ingredients and includes Vitamin E that is like witchcraft for healing skin, but it actually moistens and heals at the same time and does it fast. It sinks into the skin and brings the moisture with it, giving you noticeable results instantly. Plus how cute is like, everything about this brand? 

The brand simply known as Chapstick, is another practical and affordable alternative to the baby lips that has been tried and tested, and works for preventing your lips from getting too bad. While this stuff does include a tiny bit of light mineral oil, it counteracts that with lanolin (the stuff that completely makes up the Lanolips.) But in saying that, this stuff won't save you once the skin on your lips starts to flake off because of said mineral oil. But, it will help to prevent it from getting to that stage. This stuff is best used alongside a more natural, organic remedy and used only sparingly. 
- An even better, heather, mineral oil-free alternative to this would be anything Burt's Bees. -

When used alongside a natural lip scrub to get rid of the dead skin, your lips will be brand new again in no time.

All photo's by Sheree Grace


  1. Thanks for enlightening me about Lucas' Paw Paw ointment! My lips have been swollen, dried, chapped, cracking and painful for months now and the Paw Paw balm did NOTHING! However, when I explained my condition to three different chemists, they all recommended me Paw Paw ointment. It is my first day trying Burt's Bees so fingers crossed that will help heal my painful lips.

    Thanks again for the great lip balm analysis and recommendations.


    1. It's a wonder why so many people rave about it I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one who found the PaPaw useless, I hope you have better luck with the Burt's Bees I know all too well the feeling of horrid lips that never get better. x

  2. It's so true! What is your take on the eos lipbalms?

    1. I actually haven't been able to use those yet, I've heard that they're good but I don't know how they actually are. All I can say is that if they use any mineral oil it's probably not all that great ahah x


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