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Quick And Easy Messy Texture Hair Look

Anything that is "quick and easy" when it comes to hair is like magic for me. I do love taking the time to create waves with my hair straightener or mini crimps and really give my hair some flare, but sometimes I just want to whack in something quick and be done with it. Especially on really hot days when even the thought of holding a hot tool next to your already sweaty face makes you cringe, yet leaving the house without doing something to your hair doesn't feel right.

This is where the dry texturizing spray comes in handy. For me, it's the VO5 give me texture spray that's the weapon to create some zazz with my hair. It's light but packed with sea salt in aerosol form to make your hair rougher and hold a little more shape. It also smells quite lovely - very sweet floral mixed with the scent of man after-shave - which is a bonus and fills your hair with a lovely perfume. The mist comes out quite opaque and you can see it as you spray it out which only means that it will actually coat your hair and work it's magic - but it doesn't settle white on the hair, it's clear. While this stuff may not be the best ever (I haven't tried it but Oribe texturizing spray is supposed to actually be the best ever), It's affordable coming in at around $6-$10 depending on where you buy it from and it works really well for it. 
It gives your hair grip-ability to hold some sort of movement and texture and even on straight hair it fluffs it up a little and makes layers look naturally tousled. It also isn't sticky in the hair and doesn't make it look wet at all, true to it's form the hair remains dry without clumping. It creates natural looking texture that is quick and roughs up even the most magical of mermaid waves. All you need is your hair and 5 minutes to spray.
To really give your hair sassy texture, spray quite a lot and then scrunch the hair with your hands. Do it little by little starting out with just one side of your hair - spray and scrunch - and move around the head using those motions. Don't be afraid to really mess it up, flip the hair forward as you spray and scrunch tightly to make sure the hair bends and kinks so the product makes that stick. Use as much product as you see fit. 

As you spray you'll notice your hair getting dryer and dryer and will feel a little mucky (especially if your hair is dirty or oily) but it will also feel lightweight and you won't be able to notice it all that much. Even once you're done your hair will continue to hold the product all day so if you need to fluff it up throughout the day the hair won't fall back down. 

To really hold the hair in place spray some hair spray all over and scrunch the hair again to set the hair spray in that messed up position. Fudge Urban's hair spray is brilliant for this. 

The more product you use and the more you scrunch, the bigger and messier the hair will get. It works so well on naturally straight hair to give it a tousled, winded look and can be used on waves to make them messy and to better hold the shape. You can also give yourself a light, more natural look by spraying a little bit and scrunching slightly, running the fingers through gently to separate and give it a more wind blown look.

All photo's by Sheree Grace

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