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Should We Care What Men Think About Our Makeup?

I love Popsugar, don't get me wrong I find some of their beauty tips and tricks useful and inspiring and I enjoy their video content, mostly. But their recent Valentines Day video caused a bit of an upset with the ladies and honestly a little with me as well, we couldn't help but get offended and angered over these opinions of others.
I'm not saying this video was completely wrong and horrible, but it could have been done a little differently. Let the "according to men" part of this title be the key words here. 

It's all about date night makeup and the "mistakes" girls apparently make with their makeup - mistakes according to someone else. The video takes 3 men and asks them about what they think is "wrong" and what the don't like girls to do with their own faces. The first man says he hates it when girls wear too much eye makeup and they should tone it down. Well I'm sorry buddy but I am nothing without my eye makeup and I'm not wearing it to please you.

As each man states what he doesn't like and what girls should do instead to make them happy, Kirbie Johnson does a demo by painting herself in makeup to demonstrate the "no" and then gives herself a natural look according to what the men want as the "yes". Tips include no lipstick, minimal foundation and minimal eye look.

Naturally this made many women angry, understandably so. Why should we take orders from a man, we don't wear makeup to please them and if they don't like it, they don't like us and we don't need them. What's the point of going on a date to find a potential boyf if you're wearing and acting how he wants and not how you are? If men don't like red lipstick that's their problem not ours. We all know the trade secret on confidence, if you're dressed in what you like you'll radiate and glow but if you're not you'll be hiding and worrying all night constantly fidgeting and not looking very confident at all. 

Granted these are the opinions of only 3 men (who are irrelevant) and Kirbie only demonstrated to give a few tips and ideas but this kind of thing adds to the social stigma that you need to do what he likes in order to not die alone. This kind of thing plants doubts into young minds and tells them that it's okay to let a man dictate the way you do your face. It's this kind of thing that let's men think that they're allowed to control the way you look and can even lead to further control if a relationship pursues. It also tells women that because it's a first date YOU need to make a good impression otherwise HE won't like you, sorry girl but he's the one who needs to do the impressing. We should be telling girls to do what they want, whatever makes them happy and comfortable. If you want to look natural that's fine - if that's what you want to do and it makes you happy. 
It's kind of funny though considering almost every youtube Valentines tutorial features bold eyes and/or a red lip.

While Kirbie did mention in her blog post that you should wear whatever lipstick you want and can be used as a "signal for no-kisses", that isn't emphasised at all in the video. This video may have started out as being harmless or even funny(?) but by the end it just doesn't come across that way and isn't very empowering at all. 
Of course if you do think this is a good tip video and something you would personally follow, then that's completely fine - this video can serve as helpful tips if you're unsure of how to wear your makeup - as long as you're doing it for you because you want to and you like it. If the natural thing is up your alley anyway that's perfect, no need to worry.

So, should we care what men think about our makeup? Or should we just smile and say "thanks but I'm going to do what I want."

*These are just my opinions and those gathered by others left in the comment section combined and by no means are here to offend or force you to think a certain way. Whatever your personal opinion is - it's okay, you go girl! 

Photo via Tumblr, video via Popsugar


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