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So You're Alone On Valentines Day

I'm sorry but, I don't see the problem?
Being alone or single on Valentines Day generally tends to be perceived as lonely or sad. Both by society as it tells you that you're unworthy or sad without love, or by oneself who tells themselves the same thing. Stores fill up with stuffed bears holding "I love you" hearts, themed chocolates, cards and flowers. All over-priced bombarding you every day, reminding you that unless you purchase these things for yourself, you won't get any of them. But why not just purchase them for yourself? There's no rule saying you can't. 

I've never been much of a fan, heck I've never had a Valentine, so to me this day makes no difference. So you're alone/single, what better excuse to treat yourself, spend a day being absolutely selfish and do whatever you want?
Being alone means quality you time, no need to worry about disappointments from those flakey boyfriends (you know they exist). Booked out restaurants with hundreds of other people doing the exact same thing as one another. Prices inflated for just the night, cinemas packed out, having to think about making the day lovely for your other half and not focusing on what you want.
Don't have single friends you can have a girls night with? Perfect, now you don't have to compromise on what you do, where you go, and what the dress code will be. There are no pressures and girl's nights can happen anytime.
To me, there is no problem here. And there is no need to be sad, so instead, let's use the 14th as an excuse to do whatever we want to make ourselves feel grand. Brace yourself for the most cliche but awesome suggestions...

Pamper Yourself.

Smear on your favourite face mask to rejuvenate your skin and treat it to some care. Run yourself a hot bath and pour in some bubbles, bath salts or your favourite bath bomb. Light your favourite scented candle/s and play your favourite band/music/playlist. Then just relax, breathe, let your mind wander and smile. The key word here is favourites. Gather all the things you love, and indulge yourself. Wash your hair in luxurious shampoo and conditioner and blow dry it so it looks fresh. Either bun it or let it flow free. Or do it up in a nice style for yourself. Paint your nails all fresh and rub on some body lotion for lovely feeling skin. Life can get stressful, and it affects you in the worst ways, so giving yourself a quiet night letting off some steam and giving yourself a fresh pamper, will do you good and you'll feel amazing.

Get cozy.

If you're lucky enough to live on the other side of the world and it's cold, this suggestion will work so much better for you. Slip into your comfiest pair of PJ's, your softest dressing gown, and curl up on your bed/couch/on the floor. Spend some one-on-one time with your favourite movie/s. Why not even put on a few rom-coms? They can be pretty funny and quite cute, and they're great for getting out of your own head. Maybe even watch a few guilty pleasures.
Get lost in your favourite book, or a book you're currently reading, buy a new book you really want to read. If books aren't your thing, magazines are just as great. Grab your favourite, current or a new issue, and read it from cover to cover. Read your favourite blogs and online magazines. All of this is even better by a fireplace or curled up with your favourite tea or drink. 

Treat Yo Self.

Why not finish your night off by making your favourite dinner and dessert, or order your favourite takeaway? Maybe even let yourself have that treat you told yourself you would cut back on.
Buy yourself something nice or something you've always wanted. Something you've had your eye on, a new bag, shoes? If you wanted something cheesy, buy yourself the cutest stuffed bear with a heart. Chocolate? Sure. Cake? Why not? If you've always wanted flowers, you could buy yourself a bouquet of the loveliest kind. Treat yourself to nice things because why not? You deserve it right? This day is the perfect excuse so you won't need to feel guilty afterwards. It's not for no reason, after all.
Although try to minimise the junk food and alcohol as much as possible, aside from your little treats. Too much can make you feel worse and even sick. Kind of defeats the purpose. 

Just take the day to relax, de-stress and take care of yourself. Every year, more and more people come out to say "Self-love." "Love yourself, learn to" and, honestly, it's true. There's no need to let everyone or a stupid "holiday" let you think you're lonely, sad, or unworthy when the opposite is true.
If you don't care a lick and prefer to go about your day as usual, then do that too. Who cares right?   

All photo's by Sheree Grace

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