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Sponsored Video. Take Care Out There

The Australian sun is harsh and unforgiving all year round but more so in summer. UV rays are high and the hole in the ozone layer offers little protection, the perfect combination for skin damage and melanoma.
But the urge to run outside into the sun the second it heats up or down to the beach to lie in the sun (well, unless you're me) is undeniable and sometimes all too powerful. The need for vitamin D is always there and the easiest and best way to do that is to expose yourself to sunlight - even doctors will say so. And the sun can feel amazing on the skin, especially when there is a cold breeze moderating the temperature and sunlight gently warms up your skin without getting hot, it's hard to not love that feeling. Almost everyone does and you have every right too, you should be able to go out and soak up the sun. So what better way to enjoy the sun and stay safe at the same time, than to slather on some high protection sunscreen.

NIVEA Sun is here to save the day not only with their range of high SPF skin loving sunscreen, but with their campaign that shows you exactly what effects the sun can have on your skin. The sneaky thing about UV is that while you may not be able to see the damage yourself, the skin cells beneath the surface are being deteriorated which can cause visible skin problems later on as it starts to prematurely age you. That is what NIVEA Sun is out to educate on by joining forces with artist Thomas Leveritt to make this campaign video showing what skin damage looks like with a UV camera and how a good sunscreen protects you. This is a PSA that is adorable, fun and informative all in one.

At the end of the day, sun damage is a real thing and can cause harsh side effects that will ruin the look and feel of it, not to mention can lead to cancer. By taking care of yourself and taking 10 minutes to slap on some high SPF sunscreen, you automatically reduce the risk of damage and can still enjoy the sunlight. And if a tan is something you aim for, well, there is always gradual tanning moisturisers to pick up that slack.

*Reminder: don't forget to always read the label on the sun screen bottle and use only as directed for safe use.*

This post was sponsored by NIVEA however all thoughts and written copy is original and my own.

Image and Video by NIVEA

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