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The 5 Minute Dessert Recipe Book - Mug Cakes

The secret of the cake-in-a-mug is... no longer a secret. Various versions of the brownie recipes have been passed around Tumblr and Pinterest for quite a few years now revolutionizing our desert options of quick and easy treats. They've become a trend. They're delicious as they are practical and making them in a mug means really adorable presentation should you decide to bake it inside something cute. But brownies and chocolate cakes aren't the only kind you can make in a mug and aren't the only ones that are super quick and easy to make. 

My sister is a big fan of mug-cakes, she has been since I first introduced the idea to her after stumbling across a basic brownie recipe on tumblr - you know, the first recipe to be passed around. It really did revolutionize our desert options and since then we've played around with trying to personalise this one recipe we had and adding extra things or making it slightly different and whenever my sister wanted an after dinner treat one of her first suggestions would be "brownie in a mug?" So it was only fitting that when I was strolling through the book section of Big W for myself, I saw a cute little recipe book for mug-cakes and immediately thought of her. It was also her birthday so what better birthday present than a recipe book for the kind of desert she loves. Since then she really has liked this book as much as I have and we've already made a few of the cakes in here mixing it up and trying out new flavours each time and we remain impressed and in love.
Mug Cakes is a cute little recipe book that is filled with nothing but different kinds of cakes that each only take a maximum of 5 minutes to make all written and created by Lene Knudsen. As well as listing the classic brownie option and a few other chocolate cakes this book includes recipes for different fruit cakes, vanilla, cookie-in-a-mug, vegetable (you know carrot cakes and such) and so many kinds of each one. There are slightly healthier options with berry and apple cakes and nut based cakes and a few extravagant options like marble cakes that are so fun to make. 

Each cake's base ingredients are the usual - egg, flour, butter, sugar, cream (or milk) which makes them actual proper cakes but made in a mug, you only need a microwave to cook them. While the book says 5 minutes that's only the total time and most of the cakes only need about 1:40 - 2 minutes to actually cook and they continue to set after they've been taken out and left to sit for a bit allowing them to cool down making them even quicker to actually bake. These cakes are as delicious as they are fun and easy to make with each recipe being easy to follow, this book really is a great one to have especially for beginners in baking. 

Our favourite recipe so far in this book has to be the banana cake with choc chips. It's sweet without being too sweet and the chocolate is the perfect little kick with this fruity number. It can be made with or without the chocolate chips (we used m&m's) and it's so yum either way. 

Banana and choc chip mug cake recipe

In the mug:
Melt 1cm of butter (stick) in the microwave for 20 seconds (or until it melts completely.)
Beat in one at a time; 1 egg, 1 teaspoon of light cream (or milk), 4 tablespoons of a very ripe banana (beat this until thin and liquid), 8 tablespoons of flour, 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder.
Once that's all mixed in and combined all cake-batter-like throw in as many chocolate chips as you like (if you want chocolate chips). We used m&m's and that worked great.
- for an extra little touch you could also take the m&m's and crush them gently with a flat knife or end of a spoon and sprinkle that on top of the mixture so that when it's all cooked you'll have a lovely colourful mess on top of the cake like decor. 
It only needs 1 min 40 sec in the microwave.

Note: don't use self raising flour, use as big a mug as you can, use minimal m&m's, WATCH it while it's cooking in the microwave - our one grew so much that it over flowed in the mug and practically exploded. Oops. 

All photo's by Sheree Grace, recipe extracted from Mug Cakes by Lene Knudsen.

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