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The Nail Care Manicure

Ahh nail polish, a manicures other half but the nails' worst enemy. Its fun no doubt with the endless array of colours, textures, formulas and types, no hue is left unexplored, noone can't find a shade that suits them. They make our nails look pretty and we can get crafty or they complete an outfit and give us the ultimate witch claws. 
There's no denying it's great but also that it causes harm. Nail polish is kryptonite to healthy nails as it coats them in a thick harsh layer of chemicals that block moisture and air from getting through and strengthening the nail. The longer the nails are coated the more they suffocate and begin to break, chip and become brittle causing them to look hideous and snap at any little amount of force and can even cause pain ruining the nails completely. The harsh chemicals in them seep into the nail and whittle them away faster by breaking down it's natural protective barrier and eating away at the keratin. I learned that one, my nails couldn't handle anything always cracking.  

So we must fix this. Sure we could just stop using nail polish altogether but where's the fun in that? Why stop when we can just paint on an extra layer to help stop the problem at hand.
The secret is in the layers, or more accurately, the product you use for those layers. The layers that help make a manicure last longer while also protecting them from damage, bonus. The secret weapon; Sally Hansen Hard As Nailsor any product that promotes strong nails. This stuff creates a barrier on the nails that cures them to keep them strong so they don't break or chip so easily. Used as a base coat it acts as the middle-man so the nail polish doesn't cause any harm to the nail - the nail polish doesn't even touch the nail at all.
Using any base coat that keeps the nail strong will help maintain healthy conditions whilst also making sure you can wear any polish and it won't cause any harm. If it has keratin in it that's always a bonus.
Always use a good base coat to help keep the nails strong and healthy. 
- Simply paint on the base coat first and allow ample time for it to set and dry into the nail.
Once your nail care base coat is ready, follow with your polish and then a good top coat to finish it off. The top coat helps it to last longer by sealing that all in. You can use any polish that claims to be long wearing but there is no doubt that adding a top coat will make that last even longer by creating a hardened barrier that locks it all in. The longer the manicure lasts, the longer the nail hardening base coat sits on the nails and continues to promote strong growth. 

Using the base coat every single time you paint your nails will make such a difference, they will no longer be as weak as they once were and will be noticeably stronger and chip/peel much less. The Sally Hansen is the only one I've tried so far but it has worked so well for me, why not keep using it. 

All photo's by Sheree Grace

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