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What To Do With Empty Candle Jars & Tins

One of the best things about candles, aside from the actual candle, is usually the jar they come in. Big jars, small jars, patterned, frosted glass, shaped, even in cute vintage-like tins with lids. Once the candle has burned to the point of no return you're left with a perfectly good jar that is sometimes too pretty to just throw away and without realising it you're about to become a hoarder of candle jars. Rather than just letting them sit in a corner however, these jars can now become pretty little storage things. You could even DIY your own candle and re-fill it with your own scent and colour if you wanted, keep the cycle going - but just a little tip for at-home candle making, don't use crayons... please. 

First thing's first. When a candle burns down there is almost always a little bit of wax collected at the bottom so we'll need to completely clean the jar before we can start putting things in it. For this there are a few simple techniques;
- place the jar in a pot with water and then sit it on the stove over a flame until the wax melts (or just hold it over a flame) and pour the liquified result into the bin.
- boil some water and pour it into the jar, wait until the entire thing cools down. Once the water cools you should find solid wax floating around the top which you can then put into the bin and scrub the jar with water to get anything else off.
Make sure to completely clean and dry the jar as best as you can. 

Now that we have successfully become candle jar and tin collectors it's time to put them to good use with a few ideas of what to do with them.
For wider, shorter tins use them for jewelry or hair accessory storage. Some tins are great to use as ring dishes or as a place to hold stray earrings, hair ties, bobby pins, things that are small and easy to lose. If it comes with a sturdy lid and is small enough you could even use it to hold small items in your purse whether it be little hair pieces or daily necessities.
Turn it into a candle holder for small stand alone candles and tea lights. Sometimes you get those little candles that usually need to be paired with a glass candle holder to avoid wax dripping everywhere and in some candle shops they are not much bigger than the candle itself and can be expensive. So, instead turn a wide necked jar or tin into a holder for those candles - recycling.   
The obvious solution that is always the first idea - storage for the beauty stuff. Most jars make great brush holders and wider ones are perfect for holding lip products. If you have multiples of a particular product use a jar to keep them all together - mascara's, eyeliner, eyeshadows, mini perfume samples or roll on's etc. A jar with a lid is perfect for storing q tips on the vanity or false eyelashes...
While we're at it, use them to store stationery too. If you have a few favourite pens, pencils etc that you like to keep together within reach stick them all in the jar and keep it on your desk. Throw in a rubber, elastic bands, or little things like safety pins to keep them safe and together. If you're into sewing why not use a jar as a makeshift sewing kit to hold thread and needle box's together. Or even as a receipt holder, keep cards in them, anything office/business or stationary related.

They can be great for a little home decor for your vanity, desk space, room etc as well. Fill them up with pretty crystals or glass beads, plastic rocks or even coloured transparent faux crystals and sit the jar in front of a window so that when the sunlight shines through the glass the crystals inside create a pretty light pattern. 

You could even use them as a vase for either real or fake plants/flowers, potpourri is a great option too for providing your space with a little scent and a tall jar is perfect for keeping it all together safe not to mention it can look really lovely.
Back on the beauty storage train, shallow tins are great places to hold nail polish. I know that a nail polish collection can grow out of control and really, candle jars aren't the best option for storage but you can use one to keep together a few of your current favourites. Maybe it's a seasonal thing for you or just colours you love at a given time but if you find yourself reaching for the same few shades every time why not just keep those together? Keep your current polish faves in a jar or tin along with a nail file and clippers and keep them either on your desk or in a good spot on your vanity. That way they're all there together and within reach for your convenience. 

The best part about recycling candle jars and tins is that they can be used for pretty much anything. You can get really creative and artistic with it or use them to help make your daily things easier. It may not be a good idea to store food in them but if said food was inside plastic packaging while inside a jar, then that could be an idea too. The only limit is your imagination - and health, seriously there will almost always be some wax residue left which can be toxic so don't store open food or water in them. But many other things sure! 

All photo's by Sheree Grace


  1. this looks great, such a clever idea!:)


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