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Witch-craft. DIY Quill & Ink Pot

In light of the new moon tonight It felt only fitting to try something a little different and conjure up a cute little DIY that looks neat and makes you feel very witchy while writing something down. This new moon is all about new beginnings and fresh starts anyway. It's antique in feeling and look and for those out there who actually do practice a little spell casting this would be the cutest accessory to really get into the feel of it all. 

As we know my obsession with all thing witchy runs deep and tonight's new moon has me all excited and hopeful. So as I've recently added another feather to my collection I thought it would be fun to make my own quill and ink pot, even if it's just for fun and looks. This DIY is easy and quick even the ink part (which was a no-brainier after I spent quite a while trying to mix up a bunch of things to make my own ink.) 

The Need

A feather and a glass jar with a screw-on lid will need to be in possession. The feather needs to have a long enough stem for it to work comfortably and you can test this by holding it in your hand like a pen to see if it's long enough. Feathers may be able to be purchased from a craft store but if you're going natural like me and collect a feather that has fallen to the ground, make sure you disinfect it well before hand (soaking it in hot water with dishwashing detergent or any non-stripping disinfectant works.)  
A glass jar with a sturdy lid can also be found at craft stores or even use empty food jars. 

The Ink

The ink can be done in a number of ways; cut and empty a pen or cartridge of a fountain pen, use paint or buy some ink but the easiest and safest method; food dye. Seriously, food dye or any coloured dye for that matter, even fabric dye. Simply mix blue and red together (more red than blue) to make a black shade and pour as much as you like into your jar making sure when you dip your feather that it can reach comfortably. You don't even have to stick to black you can make any coloured ink you want. 
But keep in mind that it will be watery so it's best to use it on thick paper so it won't go through and shake the feather off after dipping as not to make a mess. 

The Quill

This is the fun part, getting your feather to quill stage. You can be as creative as you like with your quill to really personalize it. First, if your feather isn't shaped the way you'd like at the top just take some scissors and shape the top. Then turn the feather around and cut the end of the stem diagonally to create a sharp, clean point to write easier. 
After the basics are done - decorate! All I did to mind was wrap a black ribbon around the bottom to make it easier to hold and feathered the ends of it to blend into the bottom of the feather. I then simply dipped the top of it into the dye to give it a little black tip (which i'm not sure worked). But you can do almost anything, maybe add some glass beads or paint the stem a little, use jewelry wire to wrap it up at the end, anything.

Ta Da!

Et fini! All that is left to do is take your quill, dip it into the ink and test it out by writing something on paper. If the end is too sharp and doesn't work for you just gently cut a tiny snip off the end to round it out a little but make sure it's still pointy enough. If your quill is strong enough it may help to cut the sharp point in half a little so that when you write the end opens up a bit so it doesn't scratch the paper. But some stems won't be able to do that, mine couldn't. 

This little DIY is really fun and really easy, it can be altered to suit you, use a large feather, get an old fashioned pot, heck, why not decorate the pot too? Why not make more to have red, blue, purple etc ink? If you can swing it you can personalise it by using a feather from your favourite bird too. My feather is from a magpie that made a home in my backyard however I would have liked a crow's considering they are my favourite bird, but one and the same right?

All photo's by Sheree Grace

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