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2 Steps To A Cleaner Face

Makeup removal before bed or even as soon as you're no longer in public is crucial as we all very well know. It's crucial for healthy skin, for keeping it as soft and clean as possible and it's important to remove it correctly so that you're left with lovely skin and no makeup residue. But we're also lazy and we want a quick and easy regime with no more than two steps at the most.
The ultimate dream is to wipe on one singular product and be done, makeup free and cleansed skin and while you could do that with the multitude of products out there, it's always a good idea to follow it up and make your routine a 2 step process not one. A 1 step remover may come in handy every once in a while but sometimes dirt residue is left on the skin and while a facial cleanser alone may remove makeup you could end up pushing product further into your pores and not allowing your skin to have a complete clean. 

The process: remove as much makeup as you can with one product and follow with a gentle face wash to completely clean the skin. 
The goal: to be left with fresh clean skin after using a minimal amount of products and time.

Heavy Makeup Days

Call for a heavier makeup remover to remove as much as possible before the washing step begins - naturally, state the obvious. This is generally in the form of a liquid remover or the fancier gel and cream options and are wiped or massaged into the skin to get as much off as possible. While these are great they don't completely cleanse the skin and each product will need to be washed off with water or cloth.
Step 2 is to wash the face with your trusty face wash that is neither harsh nor exfoliating. The face wash will also help to lift any left over product off the face and deep clean for fresh skin. 

Lighter Makeup Days

Can get away with using a simple facial wipe to get off whatever is on the surface - oh the simple life. Double sided wipes are the best in this situation to not only remove makeup but also to gently exfoliate and buff the skin preparing it for the follow up wash. One side is rough and gets off most of the dirt while the smooth side cools the skin down and pulls away dead skin cells and stubborn dirt that was loosened by the rough side - for you know, better cleaning.
Step 2 follows with the same wash that is neither harsh nor exfoliating and leaves the skin feeling soft and so clean. Quick and easy, what more could you ask for? 

Photo by Sheree Grace

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