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Brush Cleaning For Those Who Hate Brush Cleaning

Or, you know, everyone. 
It's that time of the week or month we hate the most - having to clean our brushes. It's not enough to have a few brushes you can pick up when the other's are dirty, eventually those are going to get dirty too and then we're left with the hardest choice - to clean or just use the cleanest ones and hope we don't end up with fresh pimples (usually the latter). But cleaning takes so loooong and your hands get so pruney and dried out under the water and the product is so deeply set into the brush and uggh. Just me? 
With hatred of brush cleaning comes methods that are lazy approved and I think the method I use is exactly that and efficient in cleaning as well.  

All one needs is a container, the brushes and a cleaner. I use my tint bowl because it's always in the bathroom for my hair shenanigans and basically just easy to grab off the window sill. Some people prefer to use baby shampoo to wash their brushes because most of them are gentle however I feel perfectly comfortable using my own shampoo because it's organic, sulfate free and doesn't foam up too much so it's gentle and safe not only for hair but for the hair on my brushes too. A shampoo for a cleaner is A+ for affordability and practicality. 
If the plastic container or bowl has some kind of rough surface or lumps or markings of any kind that's awesome but if not that's okay too. Then simply fill the bowl up half way with warm water and squeeze in your shampoo. To make life easier you can put the shampoo in first and then fill it up with water so that it'll foam up in the process but if you pour it in after simply use the brush to stir it and foam it up. 

I prefer doing this so that I'm not swirling the brush over my fingers under running water (water restrictions, wasteful, what) so that my hands stay clean and dry. I hated that the most while washing my brushes I feel dirty and grimy when the product runs over my hands and it get's all gross and then I have to wash my hands after, ugh. 
So swirl the brushes around and around, press the bristles into the bottom of the container to spread them and loosen product and test to see if it's clean. The up-side to this is that if the brush is really coated with product that is hard to get out you can just let it sit inside the container for a little after you swirl and swish to soak it.
Then, naturally, we rinse. Under the tap or even in a second container rinse it off, squeeze out the water and line em up on a towel or napkin or whatever to catch any droplets as they dry. 
Quick, easy, cheap and you don't need to use your hands, all you need is to be able to swish the brush and watch the product pollute the water. 

It's also pretty relaxing and almost(?) therapeutic to swish the brush and watch the water foam and watch it get dirtier and dirtier only to pull out a freshly clean brush... 

All photo's by Sheree Grace

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