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It's The Original Source

Eco friendly, pretty packaging, smells so good you wanna eat it, uggh have I died and gone to heaven? 
For us shallow females it's all about the cover of the book rather than what's inside - when it comes to beauty products that is, what do you take us for? An attention grabbing package that's attractive without being too gaudy will make us want to buy it simply for that reason alone but when the product inside is just as amazing, well, that's just a bonus! 
The packaging doesn't even need to be expensive looking or in a fancy container either, just packed with attitude and isn't boring. And I may be biased due to my love of the U.K but products and brands coming from London really do that right. 
Enter, Original Source, all you need for the bathroom. The one stop shop for shower gels that make shower time feel luxurious and hand washes that kind of make you excited to wash your hands. 
It says it all on the back really; tested on humans, naturally fragranced, recyclable packaging and vegan. 
Completely eco-friendly and great for the skin this stuff uses the power of nature to fragrance it without those nasty chemicals and being completely recyclable means sustainability. Of course listed in the ingredients is sulfate and parfum which tends to be a no-go and is the only thing that makes this stuff not 100% organic but the natural fruit oils and extracts combat that enough to make them not as harmful. 
On with the important stuff though - they smell divine! Whatever the scent is on the bottle is exactly the scent inside. Vanilla and raspberry? It smells like vanilla and raspberry. Mandarin and basil? It smells citrus-y sweet with a refreshing herb hint that tones it down and gives you a spring fresh scent. The smell is strong but never overpowers and leaves a lingering fragrance on your skin to make you smell delicious. The steam of the shower wafts the flavour up and wraps you up in a warm blanket of goodness.
The handwash moisturizes the skin leaving it soft and nourished while the gel leaves you smooth to the touch. Bathroom time just became your first favorite thing, sorry bedtime.   

All photo's by Sheree Grace

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