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Pale Girl Powder Tip

Do you find it difficult to find any kind of foundation that matches your pale skin perfectly be it liquid, cream or powder in an affordable price? I feel you, girl, I feel you. Even when you manage to score the perfect powder in the shade transparent and it's the closest thing you've come across, it still has a yellow tint that darkens your face at least one shade and is even more noticeable in the sunlight. Oh the frustration, and I just bought a new batch of my powder too...

But this is why we love the world of beauty so much, there are different things to do that can help by means of a hack. Even thing's otherwise unconventional. The first and most obvious way to try and fix it is to find a powder that is even lighter than the shade you currently have, try NYX and to dust a light coating over the top of your current foundation (liquid or powder).

But when that fails it's time to turn to other products that are not designed to be used for what we're going to use them for but they will make a difference one way or another. The key for the pale girl is to experiment and think outside the box to find a trick that works best for the individual.The first tip; to take a stark white highlighter and dust that lightly over your face as if you were contouring and blend it right out. Something with limited shimmer and is as white and pigmented as it can go while still being smooth. Charlotte Tilbury's highlighter in the Filmstar duo I've heard is exactly that for bigger spenders.
Using a highlighter opposite of it's intended use lightens the main area's of the face and can balance out the slightly too dark foundation making it look not so dark (the same way a bronzer darkens the face). This also means you don't have to coat the entire face and won't look too shiny as it can do, but will only look good if the foundation is only one shade too dark. Just remember to blend, blend and try different techniques.

The cheapest way to go; white eyeshadow. Something cheap but still pigmented enough to make a difference dusted on the face and something that can be built up to ensure complete control over the coverage - don't want a chalky face. Something that is matte with no shimmer although if there is a little shimmer the best way to combat that after the desired amount has been dusted on the face, is to brush over it with the brush you used for your foundation to blend it all together. 
 - With a different soft powder brush swirl or stamp it into the eyeshadow and gently swirl it over the face as if you would with regular powder. At the very least it will lighten the face a little more to neutralise it and brighten. To make it as subtle as can be, finish the face with the remains of your foundation left of your first brush but remember to be gentle. (You could even contour with this too.)

And experiment! Pack on heaps and blend it out, try different products, slowly build it up, what do you have to lose? Putting something white over foundation will still allow a natural glow to come through so you don't look too ghostly.
*may work best over powder foundation. 

All photo's by Sheree Grace

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