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The Brush Wantlist

Eye brushes and powder brushes are the features in my collection and the only kinds of brushes I invest in and collect multiples of. Eye brushes help you to achieve the exact eye look you're going for and either make the look easier or harder to do. Smoke it out with a soft blending brush and create dark tight-lines with stiff liner brushes. Powder brushes are the ultimate "do all" and as long as you're using a powder product it will do the trick perfectly. Build up powder foundation and sweep over bronzer or highlighter, blend it out and create finishes or mix powder shades easily. It's the one brush that will probably be the one to stand the test of time and always come in handy, it's an essential. 
For me, someone who is a fan of the statement eye/emphasising the eyes and only uses powder foundations, these two types of brushes are must-haves. 

I'm constantly on the look out for brushes with the desire to add a few luxury looking and feeling brushes to stand out in my collection. Brushes that are good quality but also look the part.
Applying your face is like painting a canvas and without good brushes the artwork can't really live up to it's full potential. 

Want List

Zoeva is one of those "it" brush lines that impresses the masses with high quality tools without becoming over-hyped and seen as stereotypical (sorry Sigma). It's a line I've always wanted to try and the handles are always made so beautiful even though standard, sturdy and sleek with raves of lasting quality.
Illamasqua has unfortunately never graced my vanity with it's presence although the amount of glowing reviews and comments makes me wish it could. This powder brush would be one to stand out with it's sleek design and satin finished material, all black and effortlessly chic - the definition of minimalist. The one to reach for first.

I've always wanted just one powder brush that was so beautiful it would stay with me and become a vintage piece when I got older to pass it along to my sister's kids. When I saw Nars drop their new set of delicate wrapped brushes I knew this would be that kind of brush. The super slim handle gives it a unique finish and hand crafted appeal destined to be the kind of brush that gives one nostalgia.
And then we get to the other side of the luxe brush spectrum of very minimalist design with a handle shiney and metallic or even transparent. Clinique and their eye brush brings thin to the surface with a handle that fits so delicately in the hand it would give you ultimate control and the feeling of a paint brush. Completely all one shade till the bristles it's one that dares to be lost when travelling - how could you miss it? It would shine in the makeup bag or standing in a jar. 


  1. Love the look of that NARS brush. I really need to research and invest in some more powder brushes.. Like you said they're definitely an all rounder! x
    Madeleine, The Daily Mark

    1. Oh yes! I died when I saw it it's exactly what I would call an investment brush x


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