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The Rimmel London Micro Liner For Easy Wings

Anything for the eyes is the signature, not only for me but possibly, also for this blog. Nothing gets taken more seriously than eyeliner especially when it comes to matching the perfect liner, to the perfect winged look. So, naturally, many different types and brands of liners come this way to get smeared on the lids, in order to find which ones work better than the previous one. And to hopefully find "the one." Many have been given the tick of approval in the past from ModelCo to a gel from Sigma, and each has proven their worth in their own way by being awesome. But so far, none has made it permanently into the daily routine or become a signature product (the #catyegoals).  

So now we take it further with a new product from a trusted brand to see how this one holds up, and if it beats the top contenders of the past. Scandaleyes Micro Liner, you're up.
One of the newest in the Scandaleyes felt pen range is the Micro Precision liner. Similar to the Thick & Thin previously tried and tested. But this one is improved and, in general, so much better. 
This liner features a very thin felt tip that is soft on the eyes and spreads the product smoothly, for perfect lines that are easy to control, without pulling on the eyelid. The product itself is very opaque, black, and only builds up darker the more it's layered. Unlike the ModelCo equivalent, this one dries really, quickly and you can continue to go over it without rubbing previous lines off. 
Even after it has dried, it can still be manipulated or cleaned up with makeup remover if you make a mistake. But after it's left happy, it doesn't smudge, move or transfer, throughout the day. And it is (stamp of approval, the key, the important) waterproof. And by waterproof, I do mean as long as you're not touching, rubbing or wetting it (or physically smudging it) it won't move on its own. 

Winged liner is easy to do with this pen and lines are controlled precisely. Lines draw on thin, so getting that perfect flick is easy to do, and it can be built up to be made thicker. As a pen, it's comfortable to hold with a grip part that helps with that. And, in general, is just the perfect tool for winged eyes that doesn't need to be paired with any other product. It is a solo pen that don't need no counterpart.
Very impressed, could this product stand the test of time and really become a staple? I really think it could.

All photo's by Sheree Grace

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