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Update. Third Times A Charm?

I take blogging and this blog in particular very seriously, mostly because I love it so much. With that comes branding and how I want this blog to progress and even it's name. My goal is to grow this blog and make it a brand that I'm completely happy with.
I've been some form of blogging on various platforms since I was a young 12 year old with so much unnecessary things to say and wanting more than a personal diary to share them. Of course all my blogging consisted of was angsty ramblings and some fiction as well as posts on my days and things that I thought were story worthy but blogging nonetheless. 

So when I started this blog it was no surprise that how I would treat this evolved over time as to what I would write about and how I would write it. 
It's gone through stages as I tried to find my niche and my style of writing, should I write fashion, lifestyle, photography or beauty? Which is why I named my blog what it is, a name that isn't strictly related to one thing, was broad and could allow me to explore what it is I was good at.

With this name I've explored writing styles and techniques to try and find out what this blog could really be. Over time with it, this blog has slowly become less about everything else and more and more about beauty and lifestyle. Naturally I've progressed to beauty because I enjoy it and I think I'm good at it and it's happened all on it's own without me thinking about it.
So now I can safely say with this exploration and experimentation my blog is now a Beauty & Lifestyle blog naturally and I may have even found a niche. 

Which leads me to start thinking about the name and the fact that for quite a while now (maybe even months) I've been wanting to change it... again. It's not that I don't like "The Rivaux" it's that I don't think it suits my purpose for this blog anymore. And I wasn't completely sold on it in the first place - it was the only name I could have. It's only natural when business names don't work out anyway, Wonder Forest had a few go's at it herself.
- I want this blog to have a name that sounds a little more blog like, you know? It get's to a point where I feel like I'm not completely happy with my current content and a new name would revamp my enthusiasm because I'll no longer be thinking about a name change. Every post that goes up I think about URL's and diverting and linking.

I don't know if I actually will re-name it. I have a new name already lined up and I love it, it suits what my blog is now (I'm playing with the name "Winged Out" coz you know, cat-eye, winged liner?) and I didn't even have to think too hard about it - which is a good sign.
But I don't hate the name I have now and it sounds nice. A new name would just mean a fresh take and focus.
I keep thinking "a new name, a fresh start to focus on the best content you can give to grow your brand." 

Of course if I did, that would be the final time - my re-branding count goes to 3 after that I wouldn't change it again. And it's better to do it now while my blog is still small and not established at all.

I suppose I would ask the opinion of those who read this blog (what do you think about a new name or does this one work?) but I know not much of an opinion would be stated and it's up to me. 
I do ask to bare with me however, weather I choose to wait a month, 6 months or never change it at all.

Photo by Sheree Grace

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