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Vintage Photographs On Headphones

Another obsession lately goes to these new headphones that are adorable as they are perfect for someone with a small head and sensitivity to pressure. The cuteness alone is something to squeal about.
It all started when the not so great pair I already had snapped. Yes, isn't that always the way, everything in my life seems to be snapping and breaking. They weren't exactly all that comfortable anyway and my ears would hurt after a little while because the small foam part wasn't much bigger than my ears themselves. So on was the quest for a replacement. Something cute and preferably suited to me and not too expensive.

This quest then led me over to Typo and their accessory wall with stacks of headphones in a variety of colours and styles for only $20. It didn't take long to browse before I found my pair that was perfect and once I took them home and curled up with them and a good movie (Roman Holiday) I fell in love. 
I suppose it's a bit insane to say you're in love with a pair of damn headphones and while I may be exaggerating my affections a little I do love them for what they are. 

The colour is a dusty light pink shade that teeters on the pastel side from the band to the cord embellished with gold metal and plastic hardware that bends and twists on hinges. The fabric on the band is simply a soft cotton while the foam ear bits are a soft pleather. As the only light shade in the lot of black the detailing on the speakers spoke to my photographer's side with it's assortment of images that made this design 'sooo me!' "Drive in collage", the pattern on the speakers is a grid of vintage photographs different on both sides that have a sort of 70's pin-up vibe each one vibrant and saturated with the theme of drive-in. 
But it's really the fit, comfort and sound that makes me really love these and impressed with it's overall quality especially for such a reasonable price. 

The band can be adjusted like any other headphone by pulling the speakers down to make them bigger but when left fully closed as they come in the box they fit comfortably and perfectly for someone with a smaller head. The speakers fit exactly over the ears and the foam covers the entire ear from lobe to point making it sit inside the speaker rather than under it (especially if you have smaller ears.)
Both the band that sits on top of the head and the foam around the speakers are super soft and squishy for maximum comfort making them easy to wear.
- The sound quality is divine as well for affordable headphones. I'll admit it may not be studio quality with the big bad bass and the boom but they are exactly the same sound quality of good earphones - clear, the bass, the perfect wavelength for comfortable sound (you know what I mean, when cheap headphones are high pitched and hurt the ears? These are the opposite) just great. Plus any better and you'd be in the expensive high end category. Amazing for it's price. 

Typo, your stationary is on point and so is your ability to make great, adorable and even personalized headphones that happened right when they were wanted. I'm in love.

All photo's by Sheree Grace

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