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A Fool-proof Way To Trim Your Own Hair

Sure we could just go to the hair salon, "Shorter, but not too short with long layers for texture, please."
A professional or hopefully good-at-what-she-does apprentice will do it all for you with little chance of it stuffing up. But let's get real for a second, who has the time or frankly the money to go to the salon for what may just be a quick trim of an inch or two? If you go home from the salon and decide a day later you'd like it shorter that's another $40 next appointment. Most of us don't have the patience to go to the salon for a simple trim and if the urge for a snip comes on suddenly waiting for an appointment doesn't do well to satisfy our hair needs.
Luckily, however, hairdressing scissors are readily available from any good pharmacy, drugstore, hair supply store or supermarket for a fraction of the cost for a good enough pair to get-a-snipping at home DIY style. Always go for hairdressing scissors over cheap fabric or paper ones. Scissors not made for the hair can make cutting much more difficult and can even encourage or cause split ends with the blunt blades. With your scissors in hand and a brush/comb and/or hair tie, you're ready. Even luckier, there is one hair hack that is fool-proof and guaranteed to give you a quick trim that's easy and provides you with even length, even long layers and framing around the face, all with one quick movement.
I call it,

The Pony Trim

Ignoring how my hair falls out around the sides in these images (I'd already cut my hair so my layers were falling all over the place, yours won't do that if you hold it tight enough), flip your hair forward, comb it all down and gather it all up, holding it in a ponytail in front of your face. If it makes things easier tie the hair close to the top of your head so your hair isn't falling out. Laugh at how funny you look with a ponytail sitting on the front of your face and make elephant noises in the mirror with your hair-trunk. 

Then, with your first and second fingers, hold the bottom of the hair in between your fingers using them as a guide and cut straight across in a straight line. Start by trimming only a tiny bit off first to get the hang of it and slowly cut shorter and shorter making sure all of your hair is held together and cut straight. After every few cuts feel free to flip your hair back and check out your handy work in the mirror before continuing. 
- This will give you long even layers and will create shorter lengths around your face for framing and will even give you a graduated line. 

Once you're complete simply part your hair down the middle and looking in the mirror, see if your ends are even. If need be you can trim a tiny bit off to even it out with your hair sitting normally. For this, you could always grab your hair and hold it together in front of your neck using your fingers again as a marker for cutting. However, your ends should be perfectly even if you cut in a blunt straight line. 
And Voila! Easy, quick and pretty much fool-proof. Now you can save your pennies for hair salon trips for actual real good reasons like for dramatic cuts and colouring. 

All photo's by Sheree Grace

- Sheree

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