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A Wishful Autumn Book List

Now is the best time to grab a fresh brew of raspberry tea, curl up on the bed and get lost in a good book. Even better if it's raining outside and you're wrapped up in your favourite fluffy robe or jumper. Or more realistically, to read before bed or sit on the floor during a break. No matter how it is the book gets read, a change in season is the best time for a new one. And let's face it, the seasonal change didn't technically start until this month when the weather finally shifted into it's proper patterns.
After kick-starting my love of reading again with Cleo, I now constantly find myself browsing the book sections of the stores I'm in or dashing into a bookstore as I pass it. Once I finish a book, I'm looking for a new one and although I haven't quite finished the book I'm currently reading, I'm already thinking about what's next. As a result, I've managed to collate a list.

I'm not really a beauty blogger until I have this book - am I right? It took me about 5 minutes to decide I needed this after sceptically flicking through it at my local bookstore. I don't own IT by Alexa Chung or most of the typical fashion books bloggers have, and mostly it's because they seem like a novelty or a bit over-hyped. I take my book purchases seriously. Naturally, this one was also on the "novelty" list until I had it in my hands and realised this thing is actually pretty good. The price of it at the moment is what threw me off purchasing it then and there, but it's officially on my list. 

Janice MacLeod, Paris Letters.
Upon browsing the "memoir" section, this pretty-looking book jumped out. Memoirs are a new love of mine, especially if it's inspirational. The fact that most of the experiences are real makes the story feel genuine, it's realistic. This one is the story of unhappiness with how well life is going, and the mission of self-discovery. A mission in Paris.

"Love story" books or anything that tells the age-old tale of boy meets girl is the kind of thing I... stay away from. Honestly, most of the time they're unrealistic, the story has been told before and it can be quite boring. Although, this is a little, shall I say, something different. The book follows a boy and a girl who are seemingly perfect for each other. They aren't making any moves, but everyone else they come across tries to do that for them. The story is told from the perspective of everyone else and how they see it. Interesting.

Less of a "story" and more of something inspiration and educational. I've always wanted an autobiography of my favourite designer, author, person, whatever - I guess a biography written by someone else works just as well. Following Coco Chanel and how she sculpted, changed and became a visionary in the fashion industry, this book serves as an inside look into the designers life. That's pretty much why I want it.

Photo by Sheree Grace

- Sheree

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