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Fighting The Post-Easter Breakouts

Easter is a difficult time for us blemish-prone ladies (which I apparently am now.) The temptation is all too real and the table at family lunch packed with sugared goods makes it tough. Even when you think you've avoided most of the treats, you end up going home with a bunch of leftover chocolate goodies not to mention your chocolate gifts. Then weakness sets in. You could take it slow, but let's face it, that chocolate isn't going to eat itself. You want it, you know you do. And honestly, you don't need to lock that bunny away from sight. It's Easter! You eat those treats - treat yo self. The only problem is the impending blemishes that will inevitably plague your face, but never mind those - we can fight them off and minimise the war zone.

Up the water intake. The age-old water fights off pimples. The beauty hack and no.1 rule that's going to do the most for you. Keep a water bottle next to you at all times and remember to drink up all day - even if it'll make you pee every 5 minutes. Whatever toxins you put into your body will be flushed away and it will re-hydrate your skin minimising any blemishes. If plain water gets a bit hard to swallow (or boring) mix it up with some lovely sparkling water or fruit infused water but stay away from anything that has sugar in it. We want to combat the sugar intake and level it out.

Balance with berries. Fresh (or even frozen or dried) berries are the no.2 source of healthy skin with their antioxidants and vitamins. Get yourself a bowl of berries, make yourself a smoothie or sprinkle some berry powder over a bowl of granola and yoghurt. Get yourself a berry nice breakfast to start the day and snack healthy at lunch. Don't forget the veggies at dinner.

Don't overwash your face. As your skin breaks out it can be hard not to touch it, especially this time of the year. You'll want to wash your face more. But don't! You could very well end up making your problem worse and longer lasting. Stick to your usual routine and don't do more than that. Switch it up with a gentle face mask to calm the face and use facial oils to moisturise without suffocating the skin. Just splashing water over the face will gently cleanse without drying.

Get active. If you don't already, take on some at-home yoga or pilates to get your body moving and expel some toxins that way. The more you sweat the better - those nasty KJs in the treats will be expelled through the skin and will invigorate it. And hey, you could even keep it going past your indulgent weekend. Youtube is your best friend along with the yoga and pilates instructors creating video tutorials for you. Blogilates is a great pilates one - I use her routines for myself. The exercise will also help fight off any extra calories and weight you may not want.

Try not to eat too much chocolate and space it out over the weekend or week. Yeah, that.

Don't stress out over those blemishes. Naturally, stressing and worrying about those breakouts will only make it worse and encourage more. It's fine, really. Just be gentle when you cleanse and wash your pillow case after a few days.

In general, just remember to be as healthy as you can in between indulgences. Eat well-balanced meals of fruit and vegetables and expel toxins with water. You can easily treat yourself and gratefully eat those treats from relatives without too many consequences to the skin, as long as you balance out the bad with some good. It's only once a year, after all, we can go back to eating less sugar later.

Photo by Sheree Grace

- Sheree

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