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For Soft Hands And Blemish-free Skin

It seems there is a common theme about these packages. Solid colour, large, bold text, minimalist with long
titles and descriptions. It's probably safe to say I'm a sucker for packaging and anything that looks like this.
Face masks are a topic that have been mentioned quite a bit lately, a little here and there. They are gentle, work wonders for the face and although sometimes quite scary, can be better than cleansing. They are the ultimate pamper product and very high on my radar lately. Typically, I go for peel-off masks simply for the practicality of them. They're clean and easy to use only needing to peel and throw once it's dried. But as my skin has begun to show improvements after each mask, I've grown more adventurous with an interest in the mud and gel variety - the kind that doesn't peel. The kind that gives you added moisture as well as clearing the skin. As I searched for moisture, my hand cream ran out and thus was on a mission. 
Winter would have to be the worst time for dry hands but, unfortunately, I need a hand cream all year round. The product in mind is simple; it must be moisturising, sink into the skin without leaving a greasy film, pleasantly scented - if it must be fragrant and have nothing nasty. That isn't too much to ask is it? I will admit, the only reason I picked this one up is because of it's packaging. It's no-nonsense packaging. But it was the description and ingredients list that made me want to give it a go. Anatomicals is a brand I always walk past and never thought to look at, but decided One's Favourite Hand Cream might just end up being my favourite hand cream.
It's wonderfully moisturising and instantly replenishes the skin making it lusciously soft and a little tighter at the same time. Once completely rubbed into the skin, it slowly sinks in gradually nourishing as it goes rather than instantly drying up. This ensures that it's actually working - without leaving a greasy film. The scent is interesting, though. I think the smell is supposed to resemble white tea however, it pretty much smells like baby wipes. It's a weird smell, but subtle and not at all off-putting and it eventually wears off.
Bonus points, vitamin E, zero mineral oils, no parabens and cruelty-free.
With a quirky little story on the back, this girl is loving it.

With a nod from my sister and the goal of finding a mask that helps blemishes go away, Formula 10.0.6 became our weapon of choice. Not exactly the most catchy, pretty or memorable name, but it makes up for that in packaging (seriously nice) and product. Keep Your Cool tells you everything you need to know on the front - it's a breakout calming mask.
This thin mask is a gel rather than a mud (oops on my part, the goal was mud mask) and squeezes out in a thin, lightweight, white cream. The more product that goes on, the more it leaves your face in a white sheet, but for the most part it's very transparent. In other words, if you're looking for a heavy mask that paints your face green - this isn't it.
It tingles and instantly makes the skin feel ice-cold. The peppermint scent is lovely and calms the skin while the tingling (almost burning) feeling kills the blemishes, icing it and stopping any pain from a new pimple. The coconut part is what gives you moisture softening the skin as it cleans out the pores. After a good 5 minutes, when the product is blotted off the skin with a damp washcloth, the skin immediately feels incredibly soft. Blemishes look better and are ready to clear up, and the skin just feels lovely. It's also quite gentle so I think this mask can be used often (but spaced out) during the week.

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree

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