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One-Brand Favourites, Rimmel London

Rimmel London have been my favourite affordable brand ever since I was in high school. They were my first cosmetic purchase when I first started wearing a little makeup. Attracted by their display and packaging (the crown), I wandered over in search of my first foundation, eyeliner and mascara in preparation of my year 11 formal. Since then, they have been my go-to whenever I need a new product, immediately searching the Rimmel stand before going anywhere else. And when they released their against-animal-testing statement early last year, it made me a little happy. 

Ever impressed by the quality for a "drugstore" brand and their ability to fit my personal makeup preferences, I've ended up with a good favourite or two (or 4) that I always go back to.  
Stay Matte Pressed Powder. Although technically still a tad too dark for my skin tone and, even though, this isn't a foundation, this stuff is love. I use this as a foundation and it seriously works so well for that. While it's still just a bit too dark, it's the closest thing to a foundation I've been able to find, that isn't an entire shade or two darker. I can control how much I put on and how dark it gets, but it's still light enough to blend in well with my pale tone. Its finish is natural as well as being lightweight enough so that the skin can breathe. My goal is to achieve a minimal makeup look with foundation, that is light and isn't too cakey or dark. This ticks all the boxes.

Wake Me Up Concealer. This is, by far, Rimmel's most raved-about product. Even the high-end makeup loving beauty gurus swear by this stuff and religiously repurchase it. The first, and so far only, concealer that is close to my pale skin tone and helps to cover my hereditary dark under eye circles. It spreads like butter and blends in like milk, it stays put, brightens up under the eyes, and does a pretty good job of making those purple bags more subtle. Worth the hype.

Lasting Matte Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss. In the colour 111, this red is one of my absolute favourites. Again, these lipsticks are raved-about and coveted by many a popular guru and YouTuber (Zoella, for one.) This shade is simply, red. It's rich and quite bright, with slight pink undertones that lighten up an otherwise classic fire engine red. The matte finish isn't drying at all and looks quite natural as if that was your actual lips. More importantly, it isn't a bright, neon red - you know, the kind of red that stands out too much on pale skin? Yeah, it isn't that. Plus, Kate Moss.

Scandaleyes Micro Liner. A recent favourite that also happens to be a new(ish) product from Rimmel. Felt pen liners are my favourite liners. They're perfect for more controlled cat eyes and this one is just the pen for the job. It creates effortlessly easy lines with an opaque formula that dries fast and doesn't smudge. It's buildable and, in general, a really great affordable pen. It does its job and does it quite well. New found love. 

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree


  1. Rimmel are such a good brand for their price! I love their lipstick range and 111 is one of my personal faves. Definitely want to get hold of that concealer as I've seen so many good reviews about it :)

    Beth x

    Bethany Georgina

    1. Completely agree with you! Yeah the concealer is really great, best one I've used, I don't think you would regret the purchase at all!

  2. Rimmel is NOT animal-friendly. They do test on animals (and use animal ingredients) and admit to it on their website.


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