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The Great Things About Winter

By now, we can all say we know what my preferred season is. I'm that one person who is happy when the temperature drops and can find all the benefits of the seasonal change. During this time of the year, negativity strikes and people can't help but feel down. It can be a miserable time and a long one at that, hoping for the warmer weather to come back as soon as possible. In an attempt to cheer things up, and after listing the reasons why I think summer isn't that great, It's only fitting to list the reasons why winter isn't that bad with the few great things about the cold. 

Hot tea. Making yourself a nice hot brew of your favourite tea. Holding the warm cup between your hands and feeling it ignite your veins. The fuzzyness as the warm liquid heats up your insides and makes you feel all cozy. Actually getting to enjoy your hot beverage without it making you feel like you're on fire. 

Warm showers and baths. Nothing feels better than jumping into a nice hot tub or standing under warm running water on a cold day. Actually getting to soak for a little longer in the tub, or letting the shower run a little hotter without suffocating or wanting to cool it down with ice. The feeling of the water slowly defrosting your skin just feels good.
Then wrapping yourself up in a warm, cozy gown straight after getting out to preserve the heat generated from the water. Oh, and the feeling of the hair dryer when you're drying your hair skin. 

Cozy, comfy pajamas and even cozier and comfier bed linen. We all have that one pair of winter PJ's that are so comfy and cozy you just want to live in them. They make lounging around, the best decision ever. And don't get me started on warm bed covers that you can wrap yourself in and have a lovely night's sleep. 

Lazy, lounging weekends with TV/movie marathons, books, and more hot tea. The downside to the colder weather is not wanting to leave the house due to it being so cold outside. This means wanting to do nothing all weekend. So why not make the most of it and take advantage by lounging around as much as you want? Wrap up in your warm clothes, get some more tea and binge watch your favourite things. Pull out your stack of magazines and books and just get lost. Curl up on your bed all day, laptop to your left, book to your right. Stay that way till Monday comes and you have to move. 
Nature thrives, and the plants get what they need. The rain and the cold are like heaven for the dying plants and trees that suffered during summer. Not to sound like a nature freak, actually no, I love nature and all the plants and trees, and I think it's wonderful they get all the rain they deserve. Not to mention how much better off wildlife are. Antarctica and the arctic animals need winter to survive, and I'm all for that. Winter is great for the environment. 

Boots, berets, scarves, and cute winter outfits. Need I say more?

Soups and nice hot dishes for dinner. Sitting down with your steaming plate of whatever, and feeling happy as it warms you up. Delicious. 

Generally, getting to enjoy hot things without getting even hotter.
You can watch a movie where the main characters are stuck in the desert for a week, and you won't feel like you're the one in the desert. You can appreciate the hot things during this time of the year and rekindle your love for your favourite foods. During winter, you may be wishing for summer, but at least you can enjoy the things you can't enjoy during the heat. You can enjoy things a little more. 

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree

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