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Welcome, New And Improved - Kindly, Sheree

It's happened. The day has arrived, the day where this blog changes - for the better I hope.
To be fair, the only real changes were the name and the layout to match what has become of this blog. The old name just wasn't working for how the blog was moving, people couldn't spell it, other's couldn't pronounce it - heck apparently I was pronouncing it wrong! Rule no.1 while naming your blog, amiright?
Among the many other blogs, websites and magazines that are being re-named and re-branded lately is this one. This blog which has swiftly and naturally morphed into a beauty & lifestyle blog for all things related.
For that, a few older categories have been removed along with some dead posts that don't do well for this blog anymore. The site has been cleaned up of its older content and the stuff that no longer suit what this blog is now. Tightened up to become the blog I've always wanted it to be, the day has arrived.

The name is now more attuned to the niche whilst also being open and personalized so that there will be no regrets. Rather than to choose a blog name that was cute and creative (most of my choices were taken one way or another anyway) I have opted to use my name so that anything can go and if this blog must take on a new direction - the name will happily suit it. Kindly, Sheree is what I use to sign off my emails, letters and, therefore, seemed fitting for a blog too as if each post would automatically sign off with "kindly, Sheree". It works as a beauty blog and it works as a lifestyle blog and in general works as a blog name. Using my name means there should be no regrets or getting sick of it and in only using my first name the blog sounds more inclusive and less "all about me" - the aim of the blog.
The layout is similar to the previous one, a grid on the homepage and two columns for the posts but is now mobile responsive and a little tighter, neater. Although a few tweaks here and there will probably continue to happen for a little while as I really get it right.

The posts I've been writing for the past few months back as far as December are the kinds of posts this blog will see more of, those are the kinds of posts this blog has become and will continue to post. This blog became the place I've always wanted. It's a blog for the every-girl with focuses on affordable, everyday stuff the usual girl does and looks for. For inspiration, maybe some knowledge and content that is relatable or useful in some way.
I want to write more stuff like my "Introverted" post, more short story type things with personal experiences or "tip" posts regarding things I've actually gone through (I have a post like this coming up that I'm really proud of!) As well as entirely beauty focused and really honing in on my niche.

I'm really happy with this and I'm so glad I settled on a name that wasn't too specific but still sounded like the kind of blog I want to write while using my name. I'm happy to be able to focus completely on content now and put my all into it. I'm also happy that this blog will never need to be renamed again, this is it - this is what it will be called from now on. I hope you guys like it!

I also thank each of you who have stuck with me and will continue to stick with me as I try to find my way and hopefully build a career I'm proud of. It can be hard to find yourself in this community and find an identity and not every name in the past is a gem, sometimes you need a few go's to get it right.

I promise I will put more than my usual effort (which is a lot) into each post and even get a little more creative - I swear I will make you proud. You guys are awesome. I wish I could do something to thank each of you who have stuck with me through this annoying re-branding and re-naming. I have no clue what I would do to thank you, maybe a giveaway?
Either way thank all of you for sticking with me! I hope you like what has become and what will become. I've worked pretty hard on it and will continue to.

All photo's by Sheree Grace

- Sheree

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