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Why I Could Never Work In A Hair Salon

As much as I love hair, I could never work in a hair salon. I love learning about hair, playing with it, getting myself a lovely collection of hair tools (I really love hair tools), colouring, styling and up-dos. I do my own hair, my sisters hair, I happily help friends out with their hair, and I enjoy it on that level. But after studying hairdressing way back when, and working in a student salon, it's become clear that a professional full-time hair salon is my worst nightmare. 

Talking, chatting, engaging in riveting conversations is pretty much the entire job description. You have to talk to your client whether they ask for it or not. You know me, I'm an introvert. I'm shy, I find it difficult to talk to strangers and I can't ever seem to be able to hold a conversation. Sometimes, you just don't want to be talking for the 3 hours you're styling their hair. Not every conversation is a thrilling one. This, multiple times a day every day, gets a little tiring.  

The overly fast-paced environment. I do love a busy environment, and when things move quickly but in a salon, you barely have time to breathe. Hairdressers are running around like mad attending to clients, trying to get it all done in time, trying to please everyone. It can feel rushed, and most of the time it is rushed. Forget lunch and expect some very short-tempered, stressed out stylists. 

Having to do the same thing, over and over. Multiple washes, blow waves, the same cut and style 5 times a day, every day. You really have to be super passionate about hair to be able to do it. The same, repetitive thing with the same results. Creativity? Not likely. Your girl wants to be creative! 

It can get really boring, and repetitive. Most of the time, people want the same old thing. You rarely get a client who says, "Do whatever you want, chop it off and colour it crazy." It's usually, "I just want a trim, just the tiniest amount, so small it isn't gonna make a difference." Or, "I just want brown hair, please." Don't get me wrong, I think all of that is fine. Even the most natural of colours can be done in a gorgeous and creative way. But as the girl doing that over and over every day for different clients, it gets boring. 

I'm just not talented or passionate enough. I seriously envy people like Guy Tang (who I recently found and have been obsessed with.) He's so amazing at what he does and so passionate about the results, it keeps him going and wanting more. Me? I couldn't do half of what he does and I'm definitely not passionate enough to keep it up. You need to be able to love repetitiveness and the lack of creative opportunities. 

The ungrateful clients who freak out the entire time. Despite them willingly coming into the salon and wanting what they want, they really have a knack for making you feel like you're the one doing something wrong. Story time: my first client who was like this, gave me all the anxiety. I was told that I handled it really well, but I wanted to cry. All she wanted was a trim. She had a pixie cut and just wanted it maintained, easily done. Even though I was giving her what she wanted, a trim of the tiniest amount, she spent the entire time freaking out that too much was coming off. Even though, her hair wasn't getting any shorter. She kept looking at the floor and freaking out, looking in the mirror, freaking out. I was so frazzled. In the end, "Oh, maybe you could have cut more off." Needless to say, another hairdresser had to come over and cut more off for her. 

Patience. Now, I pride myself on my patience. I have a lot of it. But sometimes, colouring hair can take so long. Having to paint it all over the head, waiting for it, oh and foils. Colour correction is a story all of its own. There were times I found it therapeutic, however. Calming even, especially if I'm not talking to the client. But most of the time, I just wanted it to be done with. I just want to see the final result! That's all I care about. 
- The only upside is the final result. Seeing your masterpiece. If it looks amazing, you can't help but feel proud and excited. 

The clients who act like they know more than you. Selfishly, I just can't handle people who try to tell me how to do my job. Excuse me honey, but last time I checked, I was the one studying this stuff.

Of course, all of this was meant to be light-hearted. As true as this all is for me, these are more possibly relateable pet-peeves than complaints. I'm sure many others can agree. I hope?
I love my tools, I love learning about hair, styling it and colouring it, and I love doing it on a smaller scale with one person. I love writing about it on this blog and coming up with ways to incorporate it here. But a salon is just not for me.

Photo by Sheree Grace

- Sheree

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