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Background Ideas For Blog Photos

Taking and styling attractive blog photos is forever a hot topic and concern. It's the thing most people come to see, and it will be the thing to either attract or deter people from the blog. So it has been decreed by the blogging world. Although, that can be argued depending on who you talk to, some may say the written content is king. However, it stands that nice looking images never hurt anyone. 
While the goal is for the photos to look attractive, sometimes how to style the image and what kind of background to use can be a tough decision. Sometimes the usual backdrop gets boring, repetitive, or there is a need to spice things up a bit. While pure, white minimalist images are on trend in the blogging world, having a more interesting backdrop may just turn your images around. 

I was definitely under the minimalist spell when it came to my blog images. I won't lie, I still am. But the all-white backdrop got boring very quickly. Not to mention the way blogger changes the brightness and temperature of the images automatically, and so my white backdrop didn't always look white. The constant reminder to "be yourself with your blog, be unique and different" made me think, "these white backdrops and minimalist images aren't completely me." I do love a monochrome photo, but I was only sticking to that because it was trendy, and I thought that was what worked best for blogs. I love using flat-lays, but I also like my images to look just a little bit busy with a little more to look at. Still minimal but also cute. That led me to start thinking of other things I can use for backdrops and gathered a few ideas to build from. 

Use a clean coffee table or bench. This is an easy one that can be used anytime. For plain white minimalist photos, a white, or even marble, table top is best. And when used with natural sunlight, the white table reflects and brightens up the image. It's like a reflector or light box. For a more rustic feel, use a wooden table top (either polished or rough) or even a bench, window sill or an old wooden crate that's ready to be recycled. 

Take advantage of your duvet cover. If your duvet cover is simple, clean and looks nice, why not use that for a backdrop? I love using this method when photographing particularly large objects. If it's white or a neutral shade, plain or has a simple pattern it can really work quite nice. Try to smooth the cover out as much as possible to look like a flat surface, if you prefer. 

Recycle cardboard boxes. Also for a more rustic and authentic feel, use some cardboard to lay your objects on. This plain backdrop will allow you to get creative with props without making the image too busy or distracting. You could even use glossy white cardboard or, my favourite, flip to a clean page in an old sketchbook (A2 size). 

Get some cheap patterned paper from a craft store. Anything printed on thicker paper will stand the test of time. Why not head to your local craft store and pick up some lovely patterned paper on the cheap? Get some polka dot paper, something with lines and get a few different patterns to mix and match.

Or, print out a pattern on paper at home. If the craft store doesn't have what you're looking for, why not print out something you want at home? This is what I did, with some paper from an old sketchbook and the pattern of my choosing. Try to print it on something other than printer paper so it holds up better and won't wrinkle so easily. Like card stock or the paper from artist sketchbooks. Scan the internet for free backdrops or check out other blogs for freebies they've put up.  
Create a mini studio for smaller objects. Right after I saw this brilliant idea and tutorial from The Nectar Collective, I thought, "duh!". It's what made me think about my blog photo backgrounds in the first place. As a photographer, I thought "Yes! Of course!" As a blogger, I said, "I hadn't ever thought of doing this." 
When making this at home, with a limited budget and limited resources, it might be best to start small and use this strictly for smaller objects. I created mine by using the backgrounds I printed at home on A4 paper, and a thick piece of foam that can stand on its own, to prop up the back. 
Simply place one piece of paper flat on the table/surface you're using and stand the foam on the edge of the paper. Then prop the second background against the foam, standing it up. Angled right, it should stand on its own.
If you can't get thick foam, the next easiest thing to do is peg the backdrop to a piece of strong cardboard, and stand that up against something sturdy so it won't fall over. Easy, cute, lovely.

And, of course, utilising things like magazines, wrapping paper, carpeting and floors, can also make great backdrops if they compliment both the blog and the image in question.  
In other words: have fun, play with your personal style, tastes and look, and see if it can be translated into your photos. 

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree


  1. These are great ideas.
    I really like the mini studio idea, I must try that out :)

    1. Yes, the mini-studio comes in handy and is a cute way to spice things up. I should use it more often myself! x


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