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DIY Paint The Roses Red - Paper Roses

Great for photo props, wonderful decor pieces and they will never die. Roses, or any pretty flower for that matter, are the go-to prop for blog or Instagram photos. You may find yourself rolling your eyes at the many photos with a vase in the background or a single flower layed out, but you can't say it doesn't add a nice flair. It's pretty. Always looking to make my blog photos interesting and pretty, after finding a lovely background that works for me, I was on the hunt for props. I already use cute wooden, floral patterned pegs, but I also wanted to add something a little extra that would match my background and suit my overall look.
Then, it hit me. Roses! Of course! I love roses (not to be typical, but because roses have been my favourite flower ever since I was little.) 
But buying a bouquet is expensive, the flowers die and, well, they are just for decor. So, DIY paper roses it was. I have paper and I have google. Let's get to it. 

I didn't search for too long before I found the perfect tutorial for the roses I wanted and sat down to make them. They came out so perfectly and were so easy to do I figured, why not share it around a little more? 
The tutorial by Capitol Romance & Ribbons & Bluebirds uses watercolour paper to make the roses look like a subtle ombre and, in general, pretty. While I followed the steps of this tutorial to the letter, I didn't have watercolour paper and wasn't about to go buy some. This tutorial didn't say how to create it or how they got it, so I decided to do that step on my own.

After failing to make my paper look like the one in this tutorial, I had to think of a way to switch it up. I pulled out some tools and put brush-to-paper and thought, "I could turn this into an Alice In Wonderland inspired thing!" To create my own little spin on it and take inspiration from when Alice was made to paint the white roses red for the Queen of Hearts. Making the flowers look like they've been painted over. 
So, without further ado, the "paint the paper roses red" DIY. 
Following the tutorial, you'll already have 3 square pieces of white paper. If you're like me, you'll only have some plain white paper on hand right this moment and you'll probably be wanting to colour them.
Get yourself a little tin, jar, container, anything and pour a some water in it. For a watercolour effect, drop in some food dye of your desired shade. You don't have to paint them red or pink you can go nuts. I painted one of mine aqua. 
You'll also need a paintbrush. 
Dipping the paintbrush into the colour you just made, simply paint it on your paper. Use circular motions, a light hand, and feel free to be messy.  Leave the edges white so you can get that painted-the-roses effect. I love how mine turned out because they literally look like I lazily painted my white roses a different colour. You can get as creative and arty as you want, they don't have to look perfect and they don't have to look realistic. This makes them look a little more personalised. It's also cheaper this way, so you can do this at any time rather than having to go buy some coloured paper. 
For the stems, I also didn't have any floral wire or tape and wasn't about to go buy some for the sake of a photo prop. So I just used some cheap jewellery wire I already had lying around. This made my flower stems look cheap and quite bad. To fix that, I had the brilliant idea (if I must say so myself) to paint strips of white paper green, using the same method as above, and wrap the paper around the stem. Once the paper dried, of course.
I secured it to the bottom of the rose with tape and then held it together with more tape around the opposite end. Not only did this secure the wire further, but it made the stem look a little more "real." 

Combined with the Capitol Romance tutorial and my cheap-ass alternatives, the roses turned out exactly how I imagined them before I found the DIY. They're more personalised to my tastes and look a little more arty. Having hidden the wire, they even look like they're entirely origami made. Plus, I didn't spend a dime and utilised what I already had lying around the house.
This tutorial by Capitol Romance and Ribbons & Bluebirds is amazing and easy to follow. Highly recommended for making your own paper roses.  

Photos by Sheree Grace
Second photo via Capitol Romance



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