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Era Of The Faux Septum Rings

Septum rings have become more than just a cultural, aesthetic or "alternative" piercing. Wearing a ring or jewel in your nose is now a style statement. Spiked floral adornments hanging from the septum looks boho chic and very "Coachella".  After all, it was because of Coachella that these accessories took off as everyone either with real piercings or clips dressed up their fringing and giant sunglasses with a dainty septum ring. Even my local jewelry store stocked a few faux rings to keep up with this growing trend. 

I must say though, this trend makes me kind of happy. I've wanted my septum pierced since I was in high school but, for reasons that were people in my life making me feel bad about it, I opted against it. I've wanted one ever since with the only thing stopping me being the fact that I'm very self-conscious of my wog nose, which I kind of hate. Paying $50 plus for something that may attract attention to it seems silly, but paying $10 for a faux ring to wear occasionally sounds like the perfect compromise. This growing trend means the ability to easily purchase a faux ring and the normalization of fake jewelry. I can wear a faux ring in public, and not feel bad about it or feel "fake". It's a style statement, an accessory like a necklace or ring. And they look damn cute at the same time. 

With inspiration from Tibetan, bohemian, and even African tribal and cultural jewelry styles, clips instantly transform your look and brings a little world culture to your wardrobe. Worn with a complete outfit of fringing, ankle booties and mermaid waves, you complete that hippie look that ties in perfectly with the growing 70's revival. Or, thrown on alongside a faux leather jacket, LBD, and chunky boots, you get a cute rocker look and edgy effect.

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree

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