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Intern Diaries: To Sydney

Friday started off in a blur. I awoke and hustled on out to the car. Suitcase, check. Laptop, check. Camera's, check. Before I knew it, my mother and I were on the road, GPS in hand, road tripping it to Sydney from Melbourne. 
After months of trying, I finally landed myself an Internship at Belle Magazine. Since finishing Uni, my plan was to get any internship at one of the magazines I liked. Just an internship in the magazine industry, really. The only catch - all of the magazines are located in Sydney, and I live in the state below. No matter, I want this quite a lot and having family in Sydney, nothing could have stopped me. Turns out, the universe agreed, and my hard work was awarded an internship. 
A facebook message and a few calls later, my mother decided to come along with me for the chance to see her family again. It had been years. 

Next thing I knew, I was on the road for 7 hours and 30 minutes heading towards hopefully the best thing that could happen to me this year. 
We had music for the drive; iPod for me, CD's for my mum. Magazines (Belle and Vogue) and my Instax mini for any stops we may have made. A mocha and croissant each later, and we were deep into our drive, nothing but trees and cows for miles. Seriously. Although, It was quite fun pointing out the sheep, cows and horses out in the middle of nowhere and trying to spot a Koala in the trees.  
With my DSLR and my trusty 300mm zoom lens, I did ask my mother to stop so I could take some close-up shots of the hundreds of cows, but alas, it just wasn't practical.   
I did manage to get one polaroid at one of the rest stops along the way, but there was nothing around to get more than that. A vast, empty land, a train track far away and more trees was all that decorated that landscape and only one memory shot was taken. Basically, it was everything you would imagine the Australian outback to look like. Boring. We didn't make too many stops so my Instax didn't get any use, but I have the rest of my trip to take some instant memories. 
Under the cover of darkness, we arrived at my grandparents place where we would be staying. We were exhausted and very sleepy as our already long drive was extended due to pee stops, petrol, and food. Mother was very excited to see her parents after so long, to say the least, and pretty much chewed their ears off with her chatter. While I was falling asleep where I stood, casually catching up with grandmother when I got the chance too. 
While our view was pretty much only trees and dead land for 9 hours, It felt quite good to watch this bushland take us out of our home state. This trip couldn't have come sooner, I was getting very sick of home. Although I may have underestimated how hard I would adjust to being away from the comfort of my bedroom. While my family is very easy to live with, and this spare room that they cleared up a bit for me is cozy, I sometimes find myself thinking "what have I done? Will this internship even be what I want?" Maybe my nerves of my first day on Monday are getting to me, or maybe I'm homesick despite having half my belongings with me plus my mother. I know after a few days I'll settle in and everything will be fine. Maybe I'll be even stronger and more independent after this trip. 

My plans to blog as often as I usually do haven't changed. I plan to keep blogging when I can, especially on weekends. If I'm not too busy. As an addition, I planned to start something a little new here on Kindly, Sheree. During this internship, I wanted to document it with a series. "Diary of a Magazine intern" where I would chronicle the things I did and experienced throughout my internship. I can't promise to keep it going. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what to expect right now, but I definitely want to try. 

As for now, wish me luck?

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree

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