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My Witchy Obsession

If you asked me what my aesthetic was, I would say that depending on the day, it would be 'witch.' Minimal & monochrome every other day. But it goes a little beyond wearing all black and into full fascination mode.
Ever since I was a little girl, I loved the thought of witches and being in complete control as a fierce, strong woman who could create her own destiny. Any movie or TV show about witches were my favourites (still are) and I used to imagine I was psychic. Or, at least pretend my deja vu was a prediction.
Carrying my odd obsession with me while growing up, I soon discovered that witchcraft was an actual thing that many people took part in. Just, you know, without the mind powers.

Research is my middle name, and I began to study it as my obsession grew further. Crafts with a spiritual path, crafts without. I have books on the subject which I find fascinating, and my own little collection of witchy items that I can't get enough of. My childhood dream came true! Sort of. I thought I was quite odd actually. Buying my first pentacle and building up a crystal collection. Until I realised, who the heck cares? A few of my favourite bloggers began showing their love of the witchy stuff from Amy Valentine, to Sugar Pea, to Dara Muscat, and made me feel a little less odd. 

It's something that has become part of me now, as I continue to grow my witchy collection and read more on the subject. For me, however, It's less about practising the actual craft, and more about my love and interest of it as a subject. I don't necessarily cast spells (aside from the odd good luck and anxiety ones, here and there,) but I love collecting spells in books and indulging in an interest. 
It also helps that my love for astronomy and astrology goes hand-in-hand. 
I collect crystals and use them as they're intended. I love using them to heal, calm or just aid in whatever I need a little help with. I adore them so much, and I'm constantly fascinated with individual stones and what each one can do. I know some people laugh it off with "they're rocks, they don't have powers," which I get. But it's the fascination of it all that gets me. It's interesting and, be it mind over matter or actual energies, my amethyst has helped with a few headaches and my rose quartz has helped with my ectopic heartbeats. And oh my, how cute is my pendulum? I'd always wanted one, and when I got it I was so happy. 

My feather collection is just a weird little thing of mine but it happens, and those feathers are kept amongst the other items. 
Whenever I buy candles, I always have a checklist in mind: colours, possibly scented, small, and easy to draw sigils and runes in them. It has become second nature now. I love lighting a purple candle with the 'ear of corn' draw on the top for a little boost of luck. And a citrine cluster sitting beside it. 

Adding a new witchy item to my collection is just my favourite thing. It's like with any obsession whenever you add a new nerdy merch item to your collection. A chalice, a new book, a white sage smudge stick. I currently have my eye on some cute spell books I'd like, and I really want a cute, possibly astrology-themed, pack of tarot cards. 

Just lighting an appropriately coloured candle, incense stick, setting a particular crystal out near me and waving a smudge stick makes me feel so happy, powerful and in control. I'd never seriously call myself a witch, but I love participating in a few witchy things and constantly reading about it.
My love of witchy things isn't a 'religious' thing for me, but more about a lifelong fascination with the childhood dream of being in control of a life that was always controlled by others. It's just like any other obsession or love with just about anything else. Building up my collection of items, and harnessing the power of some. Maybe it's just having the powerful items that make me feel powerful. In a way. Plus, the subject is too interesting to ignore. Tracking the moon's phases and setting out the right objects to help me with a boost of confidence for the next day. 
It's also quite empowering too. Taking back your destiny and such. 

It's just my little fascination and obsession, my little study subject and harmless collection. And, I mean, those crystals are pretty damn beautiful too. Who doesn't love a few beautiful rocks?

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree

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