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Picking The Best Sunglasses For Sun Protection

Although a cute fashion statement, sunglasses also come in handy when it's too sunny out. The ideal pair looks cute while also protects your eyeballs and surrounding skin from sun damage. With the many styles of sunnies around from vintage round frames, to giant bug-eyed lenses, it's easy to get caught up in collecting cute frames with limited practicality. I should know, I'm one of those people. But as one would discover, not every pair protects the eyes from the sun as much as they look cute. As I recently discovered when my very vintage-looking frames did nothing on a sunny day but are wonderful when clouds diffuse the light. Some are best used as a style piece only while others find their way permanently into your handbag. Your go-to frames. And picking them is the fun part. 

In regards to small round frames. These cuties usually always have thin arms, and only really cover your actual eyeballs. What they're not great at, is keeping the sun away from the side of your face, and even in between your nose. They sit off your face and allow the sun to shine in every direction, through the sides and on the top. Although perfect for overcast days, these won't do you any good when the sun is in full bloom. They welcome the sun through their gaps, and you find yourself squinting anyway. 

They cover your entire eye area from the eyebrows to the circles under your eyes. The rule my mother taught me is the rule I still follow when I'm seriously choosing frames for sun protection. (Cute ones as a fashion statement mean all rules get thrown right out the window.) Put them on and use your eyes to look around the frame, if you can't see past the frame and through any gaps, they're perfect. If all you can see is the lens, the sun won't be able to see you. Aviators are the best for this rule and even reflect the sun away. The bigger, the better. 

If the glasses slightly wrap back behind your eye. If the glasses are slightly curved around, there will be less of a chance that the sun will get in when you turn your head to the side. Although my rule with this is that the glasses shouldn't be hugging your face. Breathability is key for not sweating. They should sit off the skin. 

The arms are a little thicker, especially closer to the lens. Although this step can be optional, if the arm has a little width to it, it will block the sun from the side. Perfect. 

The lenses sit closer together. So the sun won't sneak in, in between the eyes. 

I like to have one or two pairs that are for style only, and at least two that are practical. 

Photo by Sheree Grace

- Sheree

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