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Should I Be Using Micellar Water?

More than just a makeup remover. It should be stated here, that this is not a review of a single product. There are too many reviews of this much-coveted, on-trend product, and it's all pretty much the same anyway. Not a review but rather a hype-test to discover if it's really worth it, and if you should be using it. 
With all the chatter going on with this not-so-new new beauty product, reviews, blog posts, and magazine edits, one may find themselves asking: "should I be using it?" If it's really as good as everyone says should I be bringing it into my routine? This was my question after seeing it everywhere and, considering micellar water is a French originated product made for Parisian women, it made me want to give it a go. 

The selling point for micellar water seems to be the makeup removing one. The majority of the tests is on removing makeup, and even the labels on the bottles use that as a reason to buy it. I'm not in the market for a new makeup remover, but I am in the market for a good toner. Considering it is a cleansing water, I thought this might be more than what I'm looking for.

As a makeup remover, micellar water might not be the be-all and end-all. While makeup does come off quite easily and most of it is removed with the first cotton pad, you'll need a second and third to get the face completely clean. Mascara is harder to remove and even holding the pad in place doesn't make too much of a difference. The fact that you need to wipe your face more, kind of makes the "no need to scrub" part redundant.  However, it does get most of the makeup off and, paired with a good makeup remover, it's actually pretty great. 

Now, for the part that makes this stuff more than just a makeup remover.
Micellar water can be used on a clean, makeup-less face and actually works better this way. It's a gentle cleanser and a toner. Yes, micellar water can be used to tone after using a face wash. And it's good for that. It cleans and removes any dirt.
It's really refreshing and slowly dries on the skin making it feel soft and nourished. Micellar water is a great substitute for a toner before moisturizing and can be used after a makeup remover to refresh the skin and remove excess product.

If blemishes are a problem, it may come as a surprise that this product is great at helping with that. This stuff cleanses the face of blemishes treating pimples with care and helps to reduce them almost instantly, minimizing scarring and marks. Rather than 'drying' up a pimple, it shrinks it until it's gone. And it's fast too. I saw instant results with my face, and my skin has improved so much. 
So as a cleanser, micellar water is a great quick fix for lazy days or for prepping the face before using a treatment or mask.  
As a skincare addition, micellar water is great. It replaces your toner, is very gentle, nourishes the skin, helps manage pimples and isn't drying. Although, over-use may make the skin feel "tight" or even a little dry and unpleasant. 
As a makeup remover, it isn't all that great so don't throw out your trusty remover just yet, you'll still need it. 

So, should you be using micellar water? 
Yes, if you're looking to add to your skin care routine, looking for a new toner, wanting to manage blemishes and problem skin. If you want to have an extra gentle cleanser on hand in addition to your everyday one. If you want something that will add a little nourishment to your face and could even be used to replace your daily cleanser and toner while traveling, this is your go-to. 

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree


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