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Should I Be Using Primer With Powder Foundation?

As a faithful powder foundation user, I thought using a primer was unnecessary. The whole point of a primer is to help liquid foundations stick and stay put. Aren't powder foundations the exception because they're matte with a natural finish? Primer not needed. Even when I did use liquid foundations and BB creams, I never thought I needed a primer. My face never really faded or vanished, and I thought the entire purpose of a primer was to avoid just that. Maybe I just didn't want to add another product to my relatively minimal routine and, therefore, never wanted to accept what else it does. Then I started using powder instead and thought, do I really need a primer? 
I never noticed it before, but my sister gave me a heads-up one day that my powder looked a little patchy. She said it looked like a bit had rubbed off during the day, which means it probably did that all the time. Alongside this new information, I disliked the way my powder would crease on my face anyway. How it would sit inside my smile lines making them more prominent. So it was decided. I would get a primer and see for myself if I should be using it with my powder, and if it made any difference.
I was very pleasantly surprised. 
Primer, in general, creates a smooth base for any product to be put on. It shrinks the pores, evens out skin texture and fills in laughter lines so the product doesn't crease there. As well as, you know, helping your makeup to stay on during the day. Because, as we've all probably discovered by now, no matter what a product promises, it won't stay put without a little extra help. 

After smoothing the primer all over my face and dabbing on concealer where needed, I began to buff in my powder. It should be noted here, that as I was buffing it in, it was sticking to the primer. I had essentially smeared glue on my skin and was now gluing my powder in place. So to speak, for lack of a better metaphor. 
Once the powder was complete, I noticed that I hadn't used as much product as I usually did, and rather than constantly wiping away the more I layered it, it just built up. 
My face looked so nice it looked better, my makeup looked better than it usually did. My face was smooth and the powder looked natural, it was even all over and didn't crease within my smile lines. It lasted all day and didn't make my face look cakey, which is my eternal fear and why I use powder in the first place. My face became a better, smoother, softer base for the powder. My concealer never faded and thus, my deep purple eye baggage remained as subtle as I could get it in the first place. Never peeking though to say "oh hey, I look like I haven't slept in 3 months, have been affected by the zombie virus and turned to drugs to fix my problem." Slight exaggeration of my hereditary under-eye circles but also not an exaggeration at all.

So, the verdict. Despite my need for as minimal a makeup routine as possible, a primer has now been added to it. It makes such a difference when using powder foundation and if you want to, you should definitely use it. Not just for liquid foundation, and despite powders seeming like they're strong, independent products who don't need no primer, they definitely benefit from it and sometimes even need it. 

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree

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