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Slap On Your War Paint. A New Hair Dye Contender

Or, at least it seems to be pretty new considering there isn't much info about it online, and it has just recently been noticed in stores. Not only does the name War Paint sound as fierce as the company name, Vixen, but it kind of screams "cool girl hair" with its packaging. With the current hair trend being pastel and vibrant fashion colours, it's only fitting that a new semi-permanent fashion colour range enter the market. 

My red hair is permanently dyed with a L'Oreal box dye - Fiera range, all the way. I use the shade "intense pure red" which is orange toned and very much a "natural" shade of red. Although the colour is permanent, that doesn't mean it won't fade or look washed out over time. All hair colour fades eventually regardless of its shade. To keep my hair looking fresh and vibrant, I use a semi-permanent dye to maintain it. It also means I can go longer between dyes. That step is pretty easy I just mix whatever colour I'm using with conditioner and use it every time I wash my hair. So, with that being said I still purchase and look for a decent temporary colour that works and isn't too expensive. Enter, Vixen

"Did you know there's a new hair colour range in Priceline now?" My sister informs me one day after some after-uni shopping. "The bottle is bigger than the Fudge dyes and it's a little bit cheaper. You want me to pick up a red for you?" My at-the-time bottle of Paintbox was pretty much finished and I was planning on getting a new bottle in a lighter shade. 
She brought home chilli pepper for me and fuchsia fantasy for her own newly pink hair. Chilli pepper is an orange based colour that is a fire-engine red when squeezed out. Exactly what I wanted to help maintain my hair. In fact, this colour may just be close to - if not the same - as my "intense pure red" shade. In the past, my bright hue ended up getting quite dark, due to a darker red I was maintaining it with, so I decided to use a brighter shade instead. 

Although this colour is only being used to refresh and maintain my locks, I noticed a difference in my hair almost immediately. It left my hair with a vibrant orange glow beneath its red exterior and didn't darken my shade. My hair isn't dull and continues to shine a little longer. When diluted with conditioner, it is quite orange and simply adds a little extra pigment into the hair. But every few washes or so, I squeeze some out directly on my hand and rub it through my hair. It really revives it giving it a nice red pop. Directly from the bottle, it's a beautiful rich shade and helps to maintain any orange-based red. 

While I don't use it any other way, I can imagine that this colour would work just as well on its own as a colour. If it gave my hair the pop I wanted, diluted, then it will work painted directly on the hair as a stand alone dye. It is made the same way every other semi-permanent dye is made, after all. 
The dye squeezed from this 100ml bottle is quite thin and comes out of a small opening. Rather than squeezing out in blobs, it's a thin stream. Like when you're frosting a cupcake or using a soft serve machine. However, the pigment is quite strong and stains really well. Much better than the Fudge equivalent, cherry bomb
As for staying power, honestly, no semi-permanent conditioning dye is going to last for too long. Direct, liquid dyes are a different story. So even if I could tell you how long this dye lasts, it doesn't really matter as long as you maintain it. If you want your colour to last longer, use the conditioner method.

The dye is brilliant for refreshing colour, stains really well and looks lovely. Possibly something to consider the next time you want to give yourself a new look.

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree

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