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The Vitamin E Moisturizer To Try

Last week I got absolutely sick, something I'm not used to and, as a result, my skin suffered, completely drying out. I'd wake up with a face that felt like it was cracking, it was sore. I needed a saviour, and The Body Shop answered. It was my knight in shining armour and boy, was I happy that I picked this up the week before. 

Just massaging a little bit of this Vitamin E Moisture Cream into my face felt amazing. Instantly, my skin was replenished, feeling soft and hydrated once more. Not to mention how much better I felt after it had sunk in, much more human. TLC at it's finest. This limited edition packaging caught my eye, being a sucker for anything British, but the product inside made it all the worthwhile. I've tried the cleansing wash in the same range before and fell in love instantly, so the fact that this product lives up to its counterpart pleases me. 
Despite being a cream rather than a thinner 'moisturiser,' it's not too heavy or too thick and easily blends into the skin without the need to tug or pull. If anything, it just provides a little more moisture than your average moisturiser.

Just a little bit of this goes a long way. All you need is a little scoop on your finger and massage it into the skin completely. What may be a downside, is the fact that it doesn't dry on the skin and can leave a little film on the face. It's not greasy or oily, it just takes a while to completely sink in. For me, this is wonderful, for someone like my sister this would make her feel gross. Once it has sunk into the skin, it leaves your face feeling ultra smooth and soft with noticeable differences straight away. You don't even need to use this cream too often as its effects leave almost permanent results. I use this stuff at night and still feel its effects when I wake up with soft lovely skin.
While using the cleansing wash in this line, I noticed immediate changes to my blemishes and this cream is no different. It shrinks blemishes and keeps them moisturized to avoid scarring and helps to prevent future breakouts. My remaining acne scars have begun to soften and disappear.

Rough, bumpy patches anyone? Never fear, those will be smoothed out in no time. One of my most hated features aside from my actual nose is the skin on it that gets bumpy and rough for no reason at all. Exfoliants only do so much, so when I noticed my nose all soft, I pretty much jumped for joy.  
Vitamin E is like witchcraft for the skin, as I've said before, so this entire line is just pure magic. I thought my previous Tea Tree Lotion was great for my blemishes and skin, but this one just goes the extra mile and probably works even better.

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree

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