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Create Home Accents With These Luxe Candles

Who doesn't love candles? I mean, they smell great, can look great, and they really bring a little extra something into your home. A beautiful, warm scent can create a cozy environment, and a strong one can waft through the entire home leaving every room smelling like bliss. Just one, great candle in your bedroom can transform it into a space of luxury. A great candle can even become a signature, and the luxury ones create subtle accents around the home that bring it to life. The best interiors have a good accent anyway. Take shelter in your home from the icy, bitter winds outside, light your candle and cozy up. Now you're relaxed.

For me, candles are not only that thing I light up when I wish to send out a certain energy: purple candle for good luck, pink for a bit of love. But the thing that makes me feel amazing. My room is transformed whenever I have one lit-up, and the scented decor ones, are usually placed in the center of my vanity. The sun goes down, and my vanity area is a light with a warm glow as the flame reflects off the mirror and bounces off the wooden sides. Honestly, I can paint a picture with as many words as I like, basically, the best candles make my room smell amazing for days and the flame has a calming effect. Pretty much the same way everyone feels about candles right? Right...? 
I'm always creeping outside of Dusk, but even I have my price limits. So when I was given some luxury homeware candles as a gift (or payment) from my Internship, I cried a little inside.  

The luxury candles to decor your home with.

Lyfestyled by Kyly Clark is both a lifestyle blog and homeware collection. Talk about living your bliss. The candles in this range are the epitome of luxe and interior accents from the elegant glass container to the soft soy wax. These scents are strong but not overpowering, designed to give your home a subtle scent that makes it feel inviting. Rather than pure sweet, fruity flavours that can sometimes be too much or even sickening, each scent in the range includes citrus fruits balanced out with floral, musky hints that keep the scents from being too rich. Plus, made from soy wax you know you're getting the high-quality, safe stuff that is environmentally friendly and lasts much longer giving you more bang for your buck.

Parisian Musk & Caramel is the scent of this feature and is, indeed, everything you'd imagine a Parisian home to smell like.  The caramel provides a sweet hint, against the woody musk that creates an earthy balance. It's mature, warm and pure elegance giving each room it's placed in, an inviting aura.
Circa Home candles are for the sweet tooths out there with beautiful scents that are sweet without being too strong. These two have to be my favourites simply for the fact that I am a sweet lover that will take a chocolate croissant over a toastie any day. Once more these candles make a luxury accent to any room and ready for display, right down to it's heavy, sturdy glass exterior and very soft soy waxed interior. 

Neroli & Vanilla is sweet and simple. The sweet vanilla mixed with the floral neroli creates a balanced scent that isn't sugary yet isn't so earthy. It meets in the middle somewhere between sweet and savoury. It glides around the room gradually building the longer it's burned, evenly dispersing its scent. This scent won't hit you hard and leaves you feeling calm. 

Mango & Papaya is the scent that will most likely make you hungry. Exactly what it's called, there is no surprises with this one. All-around fruity, it hits you with a splash of mango and a subtle taste of papaya. A slight hint of citrus brings this scent back down to earth so not to leave you feeling so sickly. One whiff of this baby and tropical lovers everywhere swoon with delight. Hawaii anyone?

However sweet, they are elegant, designed to leave the room smelling like you've just baked a fresh batch of cupcakes or mango cheesecake. Literally, that is what they remind me of.

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree


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