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Lip Balm Edit With Lush

I bought my first ever Lush product last week, and I think I chose a good one. If your lips struggle with staying soft and maintaining moisture like mine, you're probably always on the hunt for a good balm to solve all your problems. Something compact, easy to carry around and actually works.
I always carry a lip balm in my handbag because I know I'm going to need it. My problem is finding a balm that will actually help my lips and my Lanolips never leaves the house so I know I've always got it handy. While in Lush for the first time (I know right?) last week, I thought "Hey, I should pick up a nice balm and see if that helps." It's small and fits into my handbag easily, and with its organic guarantee I thought it would be the perfect product to test out. 

'None Of Your Beeswax' is sassy and sweet from its name right down to its scent. I'm a sucker for how a product smells and probably looked a bit weird bending down to sniff the testers in the store. They all smelled the same. A sweet citrus scent from the mandarin oil and lemon hits the nose straight away but isn't at all overpowering. You can almost taste the mandarin when it's on your lips, but licking it only leaves you with a bitter taste that isn't anything like a mandarin. Disappointing? I'll leave that up to you. 
The balm itself is a soft concoction of oils and shea butter that softens when it's warm and hardens as it gets cold. It's much better used soft so you can grab enough product to coat your lips and easier to move around too. 
It's lightweight and leaves your lips with a subtle satin sheen that doesn't look like you're wearing anything. While on, it gets to business straight away. As it slowly sinks into the lips, it hydrates and softens, immediately repairing them of chapped dryness. Your lips begin to sooth and if they were on fire before they aren't now. Your lips don't feel sticky or slimy as the balm isn't goopy or too wet. 

After just a few uses, the lips are already back into fighting shape.
I'm seriously so pleased with this balm and honestly, I never had any doubts. I've never heard a bad word about a Lush product. It's organic (my favourite kind of skincare), and it does its job fast in the best way. Definitely check this one out next time you're in need of a moisturizing lip balm that will cure, dry chapped lips. 

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree


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