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Mask Yourself This. The Face Mask Edit

It's funny how the thing that made adults 'scary', 'alien' or even ridiculously hilarious to us as kids, is now a must-have part of our skincare routine. Those TV shows and movies where the mean woman would come to the door, her face covered in a thick green goo and scare the living daylights out of the unsuspecting child. Little did we know, we would become those mean women covered in the green goo in our early adult years (let's be honest the mean part is also true.) 

In the quest for healthy skin, we go above and beyond, slathering on the weirdest things in the name of beauty. It's not until time catches up with us that we realise just how important it is though. Skincare is pretty damn important to me, we know this, and rightfully so as our skin is our protective force field from the world. If we don't take care of it, it won't take care of us and the end result in our later years won't be pretty. Also blemishes. Let's be real, blemishes rule our lives, and it's pretty much the one main reason as to why it is we slap on these products. Cleanse those pores! Lift those impurities!
The fastest and probably most effective way to achieve blemish-free skin is to use a face mask. These babies get into those pores and give your face a 20 minute deep clean and intense pamper session without stripping too much away. Added bonuses include; moisturization, oil-free skin, renewed elasticity and whatever else your mask says it does. A face mask is an essential and must-have for my own skincare routine.
Apparently, skincare isn't complicated enough, and nowadays face masks have variety.  Why have your average green goo when you can have at least four different types of masks? As if finding a holy-grail wasn't hard enough am I right? While, technically, they all do the same thing each type of mask comes with varied results tailored to suit different skin types and what one might be looking for.

The Peel-Off Mask.

One of my personal favourites as it's easy to use and makes the least amount of mess. These masks dry and peel right off, allowing you to simply throw the remnants away and continue on with your day. There's no water involved, no towels, no need to dry your face afterward, easy. The aim of these masks is to act as a softer version of an exfoliator. By peeling it off, it takes with it dead skin cells and rough patches to leave your skin feeling softer and renewed. In a weird, gross but also quite satisfying way, they also kind of rip your pimples off? Not in a "holy moly there's now a hole in my face where my pimple used it be" way but more in an "oh, now my pimple doesn't look or feel quite so bad anymore," way. It'll be all but gone within a day or two.
The only problem with this type is the fact that it can be pretty drying. As it dries on the skin, it takes off any oils and moisture you have, leaving your skin feeling a tad dry afterwards. The point of these masks is not to moisturise after (as it can mess up what the mask has done.)
Instead, you could massage a facial oil into your face and leave it underneath the mask. This provides extra moisture, and the mask acts as a seal, locking it all in. When the mask comes off, so does the excess oil leaving the skin feeling soft.
Limiting the use to once a week will also help preserve its effectiveness.
Recommendation: Montagne Jeunesse Peel Off Masks

The Sheet Mask.

This one scares me. Like, actual terrified. Nightmare producing stuff. I was scared of my own reflection.
These masks tend to come in a 'one size fits all' so smaller faces may have trouble sitting it on right. These masks have a variety of uses other than just blemish-busting. So they are great depending on what you want out of a mask. A literal sheet goes over your face with eye and mouth holes cut out, and it sits there for much longer than one feels comfortable. It is drenched in some form of thick liquid and somewhat successfully sticks to your face. It's slimy and wet however quite refreshing if you're not putting one on in the dead of winter. They work, they do what they say they do, although not one for everyone.
These masks are actual, annoyance. You can't do much at all with it on, it slides around and is uncomfortable to say the least. Mine came off way before the time was up, and I was compelled to wash the sticky residue off with water probably ruining its effect. I much prefer to do things while my mask is on and multi-task. It's a pamper session that happens before bed, so I like to clean my teeth, bathe, get into PJ's, etc. with my mask on. 

Gel Mask.

Oh yes, my trusty gel mask, the first of its kind that I've ever tried. To be honest, this was a mistake. I wanted a mud mask and came home with a gel one instead, but it proved itself to me by being awesome and impressing my socks off. These work very similarly to mud masks, only they aren't as thick and tend to sink into the skin rather than dry on it. They're gentle and moisturizing, typically being a white colour and gel-like consistency. The ones specific to fighting breakouts are the best ones to use, as they dry out the pimple and cause them to shrink away almost instantly. They also help to prevent further breakouts. It can sting a little on the skin, but that's how you know it's working. You can either let this sink right in, and simply 'dab away' the excess with a soft towel or you can wipe it off with a warm, damp towelette for the full pamper experience. If it's cold on the skin, you know it's going to calm those raging blemishes. They don't dry, aren't harsh, you don't need to moisturise after, and cleansing with micellar water before hand gives you the best experience with brilliant results.
Recommendation: Formula 10.0.6 Keep Your Cool

Mud Mask.

Saving the best, for last. That beauty product that became a joke within the pages of books and scenes on the TV screen. That product joked as being for the ugly, the uncontrollable skinned and mean, old ladies that hate children. So, in other words, perfect for me! Because, you know, I'm a mean old lady who hates children. 
These masks are pure genius. They can be DIY'd and completely homemade with the same results as that from a tube. But, I'm lazy, and I have this thing when it comes to mashing up avocado and applying it to my face like apparently it's the grossest thing ever. No clue why. So I prefer to buy it from a tube. 
They dry on the skin slowly, seeping into your pores and cleaning them right out. They purify the skin and leave it feeling all nice and tight afterwards. They're natural, fix blemishes up right away, softens, and gently soaks up oils from the skin. It's pretty much, a wonder product. They love mess and require a good amount of washing to get them off, but if you just use a wet face towel and gently wipe away, it reduces the need for washing, cuts the time in half and makes it less messy.
The only downside is that some of these can be quite drying leaving the face feeling dehydrated. That's what you get with a mask that dries on the skin after all. Your face isn't (actually) dry it just feels that way and people with dry skin may not feel great about a clay one. Reduce how many times a week you apply it and alternate with something more hydrating. 

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree


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