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Perfect Products For Pale Girls - NYX Powder Foundation

All hail NYX, the all-powerful and mighty (technically goddess of the night) makeup brand. 
When you're a glow-in-the-dark shade of pale and looking for foundation be it liquid, cream, powder, that mission is endless without much satisfaction. 'Ivory' is too yellow making it two shades too dark. 'Transparent' is still one shade above what we're looking for, sorry but you might as well just call yourself 'only slightly lighter than ivory.' Liquid foundations are sometimes too cakey and once it begins to oxidise, sorry you call this shade fair? Stay Matte is a close contender but still a little too dark and once a girl needs to blend it all the way down to her collarbones it becomes redundant. And those foundations you once thought was ideal in the soft lighting of your bedroom window turns out to be the opposite of in harsh down-lights. Turn your face upwards a little, yep you've got a little yellow, everywhere. 
"What's that we hear, more variety and shades of pale?" NYX hears your cries of frustration, "Oh, well why didn't you say so? Here have like, four options." Finally! 

My perfect shade is in 04 Creamy Natural, a porcelain with peach undertones. Alongside partners in crime 16 Porcelain for the pink undertoned, Ivory and Nude for those a little darker, these shades are pretty much exactly what you need. A swatch on your finger comes off as almost white so, in other words, perfect. Matched up to your skin tone these powders are basically, your skin in a cute little compact. There's something about sleek compacts that just get one excited about beauty. Press the little button in front, flip open the top and take a look at your powder in its pan, sitting right above a white applicator sponge, which is nothing special. I recommend using a nice brush instead.  

Creamy Natural was the only pale option available in Target but just so happened to be my perfect shade anyway. Dusted on my face, I couldn't see a difference between my powder and my actual skin aside from the blurring of my blemish scars. I couldn't believe it. Could this be true? A powder that is actually my skin tone and looks natural? I didn't even need to blend it down my neck too far as there was barely a difference in tone. Even under harsh lights, my skin looked amazing and barely noticeable that I was wearing foundation. My skin was, glowing.
The powder lasted all night paired with a primer and even looked lighter on my face wipe once removing it. I couldn't even tell when my face was makeup-free because of how much the powder looked like my natural skin tone. My only judgement of face cleanliness was when my scars began to show up more prominent. Was I impressed? Well, yes, yes I very much was. You see, this is why I adore NYX.

Was there a downside? Well if you count noticing that my concealer was too dark for me a downside, then yes, there was one. Now it's time to find a perfect pale girl concealer. Mission accepted. 

Photo by Sheree Grace

- Sheree


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