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Q&A Time

Do you know how hard it is to create a space that looks like a desk when you don't have a desk and are away from home? Still in Sydney, I don't have a desk space and usually blog from my air mattress. I wanted to take a photo of an 'office' space for this post and had to improvise and try to make the most of a not-so-great lighting situation. Set up on the lounge in front of a tiny window with the light diffused by the overcast dark clouds, I put a piece of white foam on the bottom, a piece of white cardboard across the back, with my objects arranged on top. I have no clue if it worked at all, and the lighting situation isn't the best but as a qualified photographer, I'd like to think I got it done. 

Thanks to The Stylographers, the Liebster award has been passed down onto Kindly, Sheree. Giving this blog a chance to shine and answer a few questions that will surely tell everyone information they don't really care to know. While the questions asked by The Stylographers are sure to get me thinking and are quite interesting, I can't say my answers will be just as much so. 


1. Why did you start blogging?
I'd wanted to start a little fashion blog for such a long time but never had the time to do it. In 2013, I suddenly had the time and decided, "I'm gonna do it!" and started on Tumblr.  I love blogging, I've always done some kind of version of it and wanted something that had more focus and drive. As someone who wants a career in Magazines, it's only fitting I would want to start a blog.

2. How did you decide on the name of your blog?
Kindly, Sheree is a 3rd-times-a-charm name after two previous attempts. I decided on this one because I sign every email and letter off with Kindly, Sheree Grace, and it has become my personal signature. I thought it was fitting to add a little personal touch to the name, and make this blog completely mine. Plus I was struggling and thought I wouldn't get sick of this one.

3. What is an item you cannot live without?
Just one? Maybe my DSLR. It's an extension of my body at this point and my absolute love. I can't imagine myself not photographing, especially with my wildlife shots. Girl needs her DSLR.

4. What are five random facts about yourself?
- One of my ears is naturally perfectly pointed like an elf ear.
- I'm a picky pescetarian.
- I'm inclined to believe that men only talk to me to humiliate me if they're not wanting to be friends.
- I want baby pet rats.
- Sometimes, I have night-terror-like dreams where I think I'm seeing spiders and will scream and get up to run away only to wake up a few minutes later as I'm sleep-walking to my door.

5. What is the best advice you’ve been given?
When in doubt - don't. 

6. Where do you get the ideas for your blog posts?
From my own experiences/life. Magazines, other blogs, social media etc.

7. What is the best feedback you have ever gotten on a blog post?I don't think there's anything that stands out specifically, but I love the comments that tell me that they found my post useful, and it helped them. That's the aim of my blog, so when it works it makes me feel like I'm doing something right.

8. What does a normal day in your life look like?
Wake up, eat brunch, blog, social media, dinner, TV show catch ups, shower, bed. In between, I'll look for work, send pitches for freelance work, etc. I'm very career focused and spend my days working on what I want, and this blog is one of them.

9. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? 
My nose. I hate it, very self-conscious about it.

10. What are your favourite sweets?
Anything chocolate, obviously haha. I love Cherry Ripes.

11. Who is your inspiration?
Audry Hepburn, I adore her, and Lauren Conrad. 

The Rules

Write a post about the fact that you’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award.
In this post, link back to, and show some love to the person who nominated you, also nominate 5 to 11 other new blogs that do not have more than 1000 followers. Let these nominated bloggers know that you have nominated them, and provide a link back to your page to ensure that they are familiar with the Award.
Display the Award in your post and in your sidebar.
Answer the questions about yourself.
Put your post with your nominated blogs for the Liebster Award, on social media. Spread the love!

My Nominees

These bloggers are going places and I love them!

Style Soup



The Leather Fanny Pack

The Guilty Hyena 

The Questions

1. If you don't already have it, what is your dream job?
2. What's your nerdy obsession? (what you consider to be nerdy) 
3. Your guilty pleasure is__
4. Let's say you could only purchase products from one makeup brand. Which one would it be?
5. Your favourite day of the year is__because __
6. Who do you want to be just like?
7. What was your favourite TV show growing up?
8. I have a__collection because __
9. You can have a hair straightener or a curling wand but not both. Which one do you choose?
10. What is your favourite book or book series? 
11. If your favourite book hasn't yet been turned into a movie, do you want it to be? Why/why not?

Photo by Sheree Grace

- Sheree


  1. Thanks a bunch for the nomination, I have been on another loong blogging hiatus, hopefully I will get my blog mojo on very soon!

    Yet to come across anyone who could dislike Audrey Hepburn!

    1. You're very welcome, I dig your blog, I hope you get your mojo back soon as well ahah!


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