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The Essie Iconic Colour Trio

With every hue of every shade under the sun in one range, it gets difficult to distinguish the most iconic of colours to add to your must-have collection. Which colour is the most classic? Well, Essie has risen to that challenge and answered with a trio of colour icons. Three shades that are each different from one another but cover the full spectrum of hues. The shades that are stock-standard and timeless with their grace and ability to go with everything. 

As a woman who is always on some kind of mission, my goal was to find a pinky nude shade that was subtle and classic for daily wear. Something that would look natural, like your nails but better. Heading straight for the trusty Essie stand, I wasn't messing around. I knew that if I was going to do this, I was going to do it right. To go for the brand, I know and love. That was when I spotted the adorable boxes for latest collections atop the rack. Winter collection, another I can no longer remember, and colour icons. And what was sitting inside the colour icons box? A beautiful nude pink that had my name written all over it. Accompanied by two other gorgeous shades with the same price tag as just one bottle, it couldn't have been a better deal. Why not try it out before investing in the perfect full-sized shade? (Yes, in Australia, we invest in Essie.) 
While I am aware that this collection of colours isn't new and isn't an actual collection, these three purchased separately make up the perfect combination of iconic polishes that make a collection complete. For any and all occasions. 
The shade that started it all, the beautiful nude pink by an equally beautiful name.
Mademoiselle is sheer and very light. She doesn't come on strong and prefers to be built up with a few coats for a stronger colour. Three gives you a subtle yet very classic wash of light pink that allow your nail to be visible below. She is a very dainty hue that leaves you with a natural finish that is definitely 'no makeup makeup' for your nails. She gives your nails shine and a milky pale pink tint.
Mademoiselle is basically, exactly what I was looking for and her counterpart Vanity Fairest looks to
be an equally satisfying contender.

From the sheerest of nudes to the boldest of hues, Fifth Avenue couldn't be a better partner and obvious choice for an icon colour. Only one coat is needed for this opaque baby to leave you with a stunningly bright orange based red. He glides on smooth, applies like a dream and prefers to give you quick results. No muss, no fuss he says. This red is classic and exactly what you would think of when it comes to choosing an iconic nail shade. 

We have a subtle pink and a bold red, the only thing needed is a pastel hue in the one shade you would never think was an icon. Mint Candy Apple brings pastel and bold together like those two words belong with one another. Meeting half way two coats gives you a deliciously minty mani that will only make you hungry for some choc peppermint ice cream whenever you look down at your paws. She is classic, she is strong and she makes a gorgeous accent colour. A solid finish achieved thanks to her effortlessly smooth efforts of application, making sure you can get to that ice cream tub faster. 

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree


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