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What To Include In An Everyday Handbag Cosmetic Bag

As someone who needs to be organized, for the sake of my own sanity, I can't simply throw everything into my handbag and be done with it. Eventually, everything ends up at the bottom of the bag, and when I need something, it's always unreachable. I'm also a stickler for sanitation, and sometimes a product or item needs to be kept separate so to keep it or the rest of the handbag clean.

There are always just a few items a girl needs, or wants, to carry around at all times and the best way to do this, is to keep them all zipped up, nice and snug inside its own little bag. As for what you should be carrying? That's usually up to the individual, but I always make sure to have a few essentials of things that may be needed, and they never leave their bag.

What I Carry With Me

My little cosmetic bag is actually a pencil case from Typo. It was too cute to pass up and, turns out, the perfect size. The adorable hipster deer literally screamed my name (because Sheree means dear. Dear - Deer? Get it? I love it!) It's soft, fits so much stuff and zips up easy.
Any smallish cosmetic bag or case works, as long as it fits in the handbag without taking up too much space.

Little things. Panadol, medicine.
I always have a pack of panadol with me, because I'm one of those unfortunate people prone to getting headaches often, easily, and really bad. If a headache strikes I know I'm covered and I always keep myself stocked up.
As a lady - backup lady stuff.

Compact Mirror.
One thing that never leaves is a mini compact mirror. You never know when you'll need to check your lipstick or your cat-eye for smudges, and you can't get to an actual mirror.

Lip Balm.
My lips are almost always cracked dry or sore, and a good lip balm is an essential. You'd always appreciate being able to reach in and pull out a chapstick whenever you need it. Plus, I find that putting some balm on when your lipstick begins to wear off, smudges the remainder around to make you look freshly topped up. If you can't top-up your lippy, or you forget to bring it with you, being able to 'fix' it with balm is the next best solution.
I carry two with me, Paw-Paw lip balm (which does nothing for dry lips but helps with worn-away lippy) and the newest edition, Lush - 'None Of Your Beeswax' which is the best thing in life.

Hand Sanitizer.
A girl always needs a hand sanitizer. Everything is riddled with germs, and if you can't wash your hands using a germ killer is the next best option. Even if it's just for peace of mind or because you can't get to soap, having a mini one in your purse will never be unappreciated. I saw the handy effects of my Palmolive on the road trip to Sydney. We pulled over for a rest stop, and there was (obviously) no soap in the bathroom, which made me feel super 'mom like' when I whipped out the sanitizer to clean my hands. You never know when you'd need it.

Although I don't consider mints an essential, I picked up a cute little tin while in Rubi Shoes for $2 and figured it would be nice to carry them around. They're yum and while they may not work too well as breath mints, they do clean your taste buds and provide you with a little sweet scent. They don't hurt and in a cute packaging like this, who can resist?

I've somewhat recently over the past year begun to carry around mini perfumes in my handbag. I always think it's a good idea to carry a little travel size scent, just in case. Who knows? Maybe you'll leave the house in a rush and forget to put on any perfume at all and think, "oh damn" like I did the other day. Never fear, reach into your purse and pull our your mini perfume and feel great about yourself. I just have a mini cheap bottle with me from Models Prefer that I picked up from Priceline. It smells really nice and comes in handy when you least expect it.  

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree

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