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3 Shades Of Rose . Lipstick Edit

It's the year of the rose, and I never thought I'd fall victim to the trend. As a strictly red lipstick only kind of gal, the only non-red shades I've ever smeared on my lips was a brown nude. When it comes to lippies, I'm mostly a go big or go home person, what's the point if it's the same shade as your natural lip tone? Always looking up to the classic beauties for my inspiration; red lips and cat eyes, I didn't see much point in any other shade. That was until Marc entered my life. Of course. How could it be that one free sample changed my life so? As it happens, it was fate. While I always stop to longingly stare at the high-end beauty counters $30 for a lipstick, even for a designer one, just can't be justified. Oh how my mind has changed, now I think it's worth it.
Disappointed that the shade wasn't red, I gave it a go. Why not? One evening of sporting my Le Marc and I had fallen in love. I was then on the hunt for more rose lipsticks to satisfy my newly found lust. Who knew a rose lippy would look so good? I guess being an off-shoot hue of red, rose just makes sense.
As it happens, I think I have found my top 3 shades of rose and each of them are very much worth checking out.
First up is my first love, Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. An opaque, bold and long-lasting colour with a finish like velvet and moisture like lip balm. On the darker side of the spectrum, he is a dusty, baked rose with hints of berry. This hue is for the sophisticated woman who likes her lips to pop rather than to swipe on a nude that matches her lip colour. Lovers of the classic red lip would be drawn to this shade of rose, embracing a reddish undertone. While the price is steep, the price is right, and you really do get what you pay for. A quality lipstick. Would I purchase the full size? As an investment piece yes, I really would.

Like all things, we can rely on Rimmel London and Kate Moss to give us a staple rose right from the drugstore that doesn't look or feel like a drugstore lippy. Lasting Finish Matte in 103 is go-to for a classic rose. Its soft pink hue is natural and looks like it belongs on your lips. It's subtle without being too subtle, it's warm undertone makes your lips look plump and healthy. Kate is just a few shades lighter than Marc making her the pinker more nude option for those who fear red for looking too bold. But she is very similar once a few coats layer up. 

What is a rose without a burnt, grungy option? The colour rose, in general, takes on many forms as it is, after all. Shanghai Suzy Desert Rose is what we call an earthy toned rose that pays homage to the roots of the colour origin. See what I did there? Elegance and edge brought to you with this darker taupe tinted rose, giving you a slight punk edge without being too dark one might be caught off guard. On the lips, it has a grey tinge with a slight shine to bounce light and look a little more lustrous rather than dull. Even though it's a matte, it doesn't have that velvet finish, rather shiny and soft. It can be dressed down with minimal eyes and limited contour, or made more grunge followed with a dusty eye and winged liner. Oh, and it smells like candy grape!  

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree



  1. I am such a sucker for lipstick and I will spend more for a better brand. Its so bad lol but so worth it! I love these rose colors also. I think they are perfect for the summer. Good job love!

    1. Amen! Me too, it's so bad but so good. I used to think the higher priced lipsticks were ridiculous but just sampling the MJ made me rethink that, you really do pay for what you get. Rose lipsticks are my new obsession, they're perfect!
      And thank you my dear!


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