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5 Beauty Lessons My Teenage Self Taught Me

We were all young and nieve once, weren't we? While I understand that we're always growing and learning from our style mistakes, evolutions, and mishaps, nothing has given me a better lesson than my teenage self. Misguided attempts at makeup and the “It’s not a phase mum, this is who I am!” uh…phases. Although I won't hesitate to admit my it's-not-a-phase-phase helped shape my personal and beauty styles now. While few had older siblings and parents to guide you through, some of us (me) had to learn the hard way.

Lesson 1: Put the hair straightener down. 
Overly straightened hair (with choppy, uneven layers) was apparently the goal despite the fact that it wasn’t all that cute. Split ends, hair that looks greasy and thin, stuck to the sides of the face, stringy. For some reason, my teenage self, thought this looked natural? Ugh, talk about hair damage, that's worse than taking a box dye to it. Doing this taught me to find other ways to style my hair that looks much more natural. If I wanted straight hair, I learned to add some product to the ends and play with texture and volume. Hey, I guess we all had to start somewhere? 

Lesson 2: Cool it with the eyeliner, girl! 
Oh, how I thought I looked *simply badass* with my thick black raccoon-rimmed eyes. Jenny Humphrey made it work. (Well, until season three honestly.) Taking a soft eyeliner pencil and (literally) drawing around, and around my eyeballs. Who said eyeliner was hard to do? Somewhere along the lines I told myself this was the way to wear eyeliner. Very black, very thick and words like “blending” were not in my vocabulary. Who blends their eye makeup? Eventually, I started hearing words like ‘cat-eye liner’ and my mind was blown. A few YouTube tutorials later and now my eyeliner techniques are on fleek. If I do say so myself. Gone are the days of “who punched you in the face?”

Lesson 3: Always cut (your hair) with caution.
Who hasn’t taken a pair of craft scissors to their hair? (Please say I wasn't the only one.) Cutting hair can’t be that difficult, she says as she blindly starts hacking away only to end up in a puddle of tears for the next two weeks at the state of what she once called ‘hair’. It is now thinned in sections it shouldn’t be and is pretty much useless. On the bright side, when it grew out, I appreciated my hair much more than before. Now, when I take those hairdressing scissors out, I know to take it slow and steady taking little bits off at a time.

Lesson 4:  Wash your face.
It’s a simple as that. Once na├»ve, confused and full of raging hormones (as if anything’s changed though am I right?) that regularly burst from my face like volcanoes. Not exactly pimples galore, but they were massive and painful, however sparse. And nothing but backhanded comments on my skin for days. I was lazy about facial hygiene and no one ever seems to talk about skincare during puberty. I mean, what’s that all about? Eventually, I begged my mum for some Clean & Clear and began cleansing. That was when my life changed forever.

Lesson 5: Did you get a tan on your face only?
Need I say more? When I first started wearing foundation and failed to colour-match myself because I didn’t even know that was a thing. This alone taught me how to use foundation and how to colour-match so that I didn't look like I tan-in-a-canned my face only. There’s only so much embarrassment one can handle. 

Photo by Sheree Grace

- Sheree


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