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Be My, Be My Sugar Baby. Lip Balm & Eyeshadows

I think it's become fairly obvious by now, that my favourite accent colour is pink. Emphasis on the accent. Which comes in handy when stalking the beauty section in Target (which I'm always doing) and bright pink packaging catches my eye. I'm like a bee to the honey at that point, as gravity pulls me over. It's even better when said products are just the cutest things. 
These babies look a lot like The Balm, Benefit, and Soap and Glory product-packaging. Graphically designed, unique and eye-catching. I adore said brands and their artistic designs, but also live in Australia where said brands are expensive and hard to get hold of. Sugar Baby is basically, the Australian alternative made by Aussies. So I've officially decided. Similar products, very similar packaging but much more affordable. With a cute name and a beach bombshell pin-up vibe to boot.
I couldn't help myself and decided I would pick a few up to try and get myself some new everyday eyeshadows while at it. 

First we must pick up a Lip Lover lip balm and we must pick it up in Berry Sorbet pink. Full disclosure, I picked it up because it sounded like it would smell divine. Does it? Nope. Unfortunately, what little scent it has, it smells like play doh. Not even kidding, very disappointed. However, upon finally getting this pink and purple heart-shaped aluminium tin open 10 minutes later (it was hard to open), I was so shocked at the balm inside. It's a bright hot pink! My finger almost went right through it because I thought it would be solid, but instead it's soft and almost gooey, sticking to the finger easily and applied smoothly. It adds a little bit of a tint to the lips and doesn't feel sticky at all.
The first ingredient is mineral oil, however if your lips are in good enough condition, this is surprisingly moisturizing and leaves the lips feeling and looking quite soft.
I dig it. It's a handy little thing to keep around and is so damn cute.

I've been thinking about adding a cute eyeshadow palette to my routine, but am well aware that not every shade or technique suits my eye shape. That means subtle, natural soft pinks to dust on alongside my cat-eye.
In comes Eye Candy Luxe Pinks. Housed in an adorable pink and white striped magnetic box and cushioned in soft glittery silver material, sits three pink hues, one tiny angled brush, and a little black eyeliner pencil. Sorry pencil and brush (we don't need you, thanks anyway) it's the shadows we came to see. And boy, are they a sight for sore eyes! The camera struggled to pick up the swatches, but the reason for that is the reason why these shadows are perfect. 

From left to right, we have a dusty, pale pink that borders on rose with a warm undertone and a natural hue. This one is subtle when on the skin as it blends in with your skin tone, especially on an olive complexion.
A beautiful blush pink is next in line, pastel and soft. This gorgeous shade is what I like to call, a blush mixed with a highlighter. 
Finally, a dark, maroon hue to smudge on the lower lashline for a grunge edge to the final look, or to contour the crease and deepen the set of the eyelids. 

Each shade has a metallic finish that shines, catching the light. All three make beautiful, classic accent colours that won't stand out and will look good no matter your personal style. The two pinks? They could just as easily be used as highlighters, subtle with light-reflecting illuminating flecks. They're all buttery soft, opaque, strongly pigmented shades, that have a lasting effect. 
(The pencil is actually pretty impressive/waterproof and the brush is quite soft.)

Final Verdict. In love. I wanted more from the range, but Target doesn't know how to properly seal their makeup leaving most of them filthy. It's affordable, good quality and they look good in your makeup collection.

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree



  1. that packaging is super cute!

    1. Gosh, I know right?? Their entire range is packaged up so adorable and it makes me want it all!


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