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Her Routine - Heather's Acne Prone Skin

The beauty of, well, beauty is that it's so diverse, and there is no one routine that fits all. Everyone does something different, uses different products, have different skin types, which contribute to individual routines. Possibly more importantly, everyone has their own interpretation of what beauty is and what it means to them. A 'beauty routine' could mean anything from skincare to makeup, body to haircare, and I guarantee if you ask your 5 best friends, "What is your beauty routine?" Each one will respond with something slightly different, interpreting 'beauty routine' differently. 

I, like many beauty bloggers, could sit here and tell you what I personally do and recommend, but that isn't always relevant. What works for me won't work for most of you. When I say my holy-grail organic cleanser is the best thing for preventing breakouts and keeping the face clean, others may very well say it does nothing at all to clear their faces up. Similarly, my routine of 10 products may be considered excessive to some and could even hurt their skin while others say "10 products only? Man, that's nothing!" 
We can look up to the Zoella's and Nicole Guerriero's of the world, and try to adapt their routines, but it's the everyday girl who shops at her local drugstore for her beauty needs, who gives us a more relatable representation of individual beauty routines. This is what Her Routine, is all about.

Heather is 19-years-old and had her first taste of the beauty world when her acne prone skin flared up, and she had to find ways to fix it.
To her, beauty only means the makeup she wears and cleanser she buys. She's not too fussed about brand names as long as it works for her. 
What comes to her mind when asked about her beauty routine, is skincare. "Those two," she says, pointing to her cleanser and moisturizer. Her oily to combination, acne prone skin is kept in mind when choosing which products she uses. She looks for products that won't make her skin more oily, but will keep her blemish free. 

Her Beauty Routine.

Based on a recommendation from me, her routine mainly consists of two Essano Rosehip products; Cleanser and Moisturiser
She washes with her cleanser and follows up straight away with her moisturiser twice a day; upon waking up and before going to bed. 
Her only skin prep before makeup is her morning wash. "I cleanse my face when I wake up to freshen and soften it."
She trusts these products because they're organic and gentle, they clean her skin and remove excess oils without being too drying and keeps her blemishes at bay. The moisturizer hydrates without being too oily and dries on her skin. She uses these and these alone because they work for her and her skin type. 

After a full day of makeup wearing, she uses her trusty face wipes soaked in Garnier's micellar waterto clean her skin. "I use micellar water to soften the wipe and because there's more room than a cotton pad." According to her, the added power of the micellar water strengthens the wipes makeup removing ability for a quicker, easier clean. 

Hopping into the shower, she uses The Body Shops Tea Tree body wash to get rid of any excess oils and breakouts, mostly along the back of her neck. As someone with acne prone skin, she knows that sometimes breakouts don't just occur on the face. For those times, she finds this body wash to be helpful and works well enough to keep her happy. 

For Heather, labels, brands or the latest products don't matter. She only cares about what works and keeping her routine to the minimum. She prefers quick and easy and even better if it's gentle and natural. 

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree



  1. That Rosehip cleanser and moisturiser looks good!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination
    Btw check out my sweet Lightbox Giveaway if you haven’t already!

    1. Oh they really are! I adore the cleanser and Heather has re-purchased the moisturiser twice now aha


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