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How My Mascara Game Changed When I Started ZigZagging

You would think that applying mascara is child's play. I mean, how difficult is it (really)? It's fool proof. From the wand to the tube it practically comes with its own instructions: brush this disgusting black gunk on your eyelashes and get on with it.
Needless to say, I am a lazy mascara applier. Once I finally got over my fear of the inanimate object and dared to put this unknown mixture of thick gloop to my eyeball, I thought that I had mastered it. Success! My eyelashes were now black. 
For the following 5 years after my first time, I was brushing it through without a second thought. I would close my eyelashes over the wand, drag it up and away, then proceeded to brush over them with my eyes (and mouth) open. 
The result was stuck-together spidery lashes. My lashes looked wet and so obviously coated in product. Something I don't necessarily appreciate.  

Despite, constantly reading those articles in Cleo, Cosmo and Marie Claire on "proper mascara techniques" and the "right way to apply mascara" I was still brushing my lashes like a noob. What can I say? I'm a lazy mascara applier. And, to be honest, their techniques sounded like a lot of time and effort that I would much rather spend trying to perfect my cat eye. 
The 'zigzag technique' (also known as wiggling your wand but I'm going to call it the zigzag) is one that's repeated many times. This is the 'right way' to apply mascara. Because, apparently, there's a wrong way to apply it. Well, excuse me if I don't adhere to your mascara laws. Just reading how to zigzag your mascara sounded confusing, time-consuming and more likely to cause mistakes that I would rather not try to fix. 
So, I continued with my rookie ways and ended up frustrated and disappointed with my lashes. Every. Single. Time. Not to mention they ruined the rest of my eye look and the tops of my lashes never saw a single drop of the mascara.

That was until I, actually, tried the zigzag technique with my mascara.
In an attempt to keep my look simple, my goal for the day was to dust on some eyeshadow and then make my eyes pop with mascara. So, I took out the wand and placed it to my lashes.
Keeping my eyes open, I began to apply using a zigzag motion with my hand, starting from the base of my lashes and ending with the tips. In other words, I just moved the wand back and forth horizontally, moving up the lashes as I went. It took some getting used to, but I think I got it.
And oh, wow.
Standing back, I noticed my lashes were fanned out, looked soft, natural and not a single lash was stuck to its neighbour. My lashes looked, well, amazing. My eyes looked so damn sexy. I hadn't used so much mascara and even the tops of my lashes were black. Not only did my lashes look great, but my eye makeup was completely transformed. My lashes looked like I was, actually, an adult who knew how to apply mascara properly, and my eye makeup looked flawless. It probably helped that my mascara is currently running low and on the verge of drying out and thus, my lashes weren't wet or gloopy. Two coats and my lashes were golden.

Needless to say, my mascara game ~on fleek~ and I'll be applying the zigzag technique from now on. An essential technique. If you haven't yet, give it a go yourself.
Who knew that I'd fall in love with mascara even more? 

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree


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